Ferrari 512TR 1994

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Ferrari 512TR 1994 red 1

1994 Ferrari 512 TR for sale at Competizione & Sports Cars Maryland. POA

Price is around $300,000.

Its been debated how many 1994 512TRs made it North America, but the number seems to be around 60 cars.   Of those that made it to North America,  there are probably less than 35 that still exists today.   This is now a 22 year old car and likelihood of crashes, theft, neglect, and abuse have dwindled this already rare car to minimal numbers.   Fewer 1994 512TRs came into the country than the 1995 512M cars.    These cars have been strong investments in the past 2 years.

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The 512TR 1994 is the only year with ABS standard and the  upgraded differential.   Both are very unique this model year.

Upgraded Diff and ABS. All records, tools, books. This is a North American Edition Car. 18,000 miles, POA.

1994 Ferrari 512 TR | Competizione & Sports Cars
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