Ferrari 512TR 1994 (ABS brakes) 1 of 38

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512tr 1994 for sale red black 1

Ferrari 512TR  1994  (only year with ABS)
1994 The last year produced of the 512TR’s. The rarest of all Testarossa’s and 512TR’s and even more rare than the 512M. Yes, more rare. Only 38 1994 512TR’s produced for the USA campared to 75 M’s.
One of 38 US cars, the only one in the US red/black.
The absolute holy grail of the TR family, with the most sought after color combination Red over black interior.

All books records and keys.

Engine out service is being completed right now at Ferrari Tech.
This car has 21xxx miles, and is well sorted.

This is the ONLY 1994 512TR that is Classiche CertifiedUPDATE

The A/C was also upgraded from R-12 to R-34.


512tr 1994 for sale red black 2

The 1994 Ferrari 512TR is the rarest year of all Testarossas with only 38 cars delivered the USA Market.   The delivery numbers for the USA have been estimated between 38 and 60 cars with varying reports depending on who you ask.   Its still a small number and more rare than the 75 USA 1995 512M cars delivered to the USA.
This car has 21,000 miles so its not a garage queen.  The car is stunning in its original color Rosso Corso with black leather interior.   It has had an accident but seems to have been repaired properly by Ferrari Authorized repair shop.   Instead of painting the damaged portion of the car, the entire car was repainted back to its original color.


Seller says it is the only 1994 512TR with Classiche Certification.   As a comparision, its been confirmed that a 6k mile example of a 1994 model sold for 456k  (Ferrari of Houston) and another one  with low miles a sold for $499k.    I love the flat 12 cylinder engine.  Many modern day Ferraris offer much more performance but these cars are much more special that that.   This car is currently in Washington State.

512tr 1994 for sale red black 3

from Owner:

The car sometime in it’s life had front left fender work done and the bird cage that supports the fender and bumper repaired, There bird cage repair was not good apparently but you could not tell unless you took the car apart.
I slid on black ice and did the same thing, bummer. But the good thing is that I had the car repaired correctly at Ferrari of Beverly Hills, using only original parts, not repaired but replaced, OEM from Ferrari. The bird cage and fender were the last one’s on the shelf at Ferrari.
Hmm. My wheels were chromed originals, so….why not, I ordered from Ferrari OEM new wheels, and of course put new tires on, you don’t want to know what that cost, ouch.
Now it gets better……Ferrari of Beverly Hills is the only Authorized Ferrari repair shop on the west coast to do certified repairs. While in there hands they dinged my car door UGH!!!!!! So you can spray a fender with single stage paint and blend it, but now they put a ding on the opposite side. Now Ca VOC wont let you spray that much old school, so…
The better part…..They stripped and repainted my whole car. Yes they basically restored my whole car. And OMG it is stunning. That’s over a $30,000 paint job. Now in base coat clear coat which you all now is UV superior to the old single stage( your car actually stays red and does not turn orange from sun exposure). Now you can polish to your hearts content and never burn through, oh if you get a rock chip on the bumper you can actually match the paint.
And more better….they pulled the windshield to paint the car and cracked it, yep they put in a brand new OEM from Ferrari windshield. No more of the tiny little marks on the glass that you can see when the sun hits just right. You now kind of looks like sand blast marks from driving on road trips
And better still….while it was there, seeing the whole car was apart for paint, yep, shipped all the parts to sticky no more. It’s perfect now. NO dash shrinkage either.
And more better……My car is the only 1994 512tr Clasiche Certified.
And even more better…..full engine out service will be finished within two weeks. Being performed by Larry at Ferrari Technologies in the city of Orange, CA. this will be the third service performed by the same Highly reputable shop.

Effectively my car is done, stunning. Is it a 3500 mile trailer queen? NO. But it is arguably most beautiful 1994 ABS brake 512TR, most well sorted car in the US.

Being realistic the car that sold for $456k was a 6k mile stunning example, and the other one for $499k low mile car also stunning.

Mine is IMO better color combination (subjective, I know)
Mine is driven and sorted out, no surprises from being parked not driven
Mine is currently restored in mint condition
Mine is the only one Classiche Certrified
So for sale best offer over $300 is realistic.
Cool trades are welcome, 360, 430, 458, muscle cars you get the idea.
All books, keys, and records of course.

512tr 1994 for sale red black 4

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