DZ RSR Porsche 935 / 917 Throttle Pedal for 911/ 912/930 1966-1989

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DZ RSR Porsche 935 / 917 Throttle Pedal for 911/ 912/930   1966-1989

Seller is in Morro Bay, California : Rebel Racing

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Price: $185 US Dollars

Rebel Racing Pro is known for their suspension upgrades to the Porsche brand.   I happen to see their 917/935 throttle pedal which is a cool upgrade in your 911.

Has anyone used this product?  Does anyone have an opinion?

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Description from Seller:

Fits:  All Porsche 911, 930, and 912 from 66-89.  Will also fit 964 and 993 models with a minor modification.

  • This design for a throttle pedal originated on the 917 & was utilized in many factory efforts to
  • include the legendary 935. The DNA from the mighty racers can be yours for daily driving or track use. The World Championship of Makes throttle pedal assembly delivers the taste of history every time you hit the loud pedal, from the classic good looks to the curved “roll-on-power” type of pedal operation.
  • DZ took the good and improved it, making the pedal with the correct tilt angle & new linkage included to tie into the factory pedal cluster behind the floor board.  The pedal is made of high grade aluminum and made in the USA.  CNC machined and TIG welded construction ensure rugged good looks with strength to handle the harsh use by your lead foot.  The pivot bushings are made from a high strength and wear resistant thermoplastic with Teflon.  Easy installation takes about 15-30 min.


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