Day at the Track : Monterey Historics (Day 3)

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DSC_2090porsche 910 2

Although its fun to see cars on diplay in person , I always look forward to days at the track where you can see them in motion and listen to their engines.    Today was a great day.   There were some amazing cars running around the track as well as in the pits.


Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca is only a 15 minutes drive from Carmel.    I was expecting alot of traffic but it wasnt the case.  We were right behind a BMW i8 that was headed to the track.


We drove up to the entrance with our tickets and went to our parking lot.   Its a huge hilly piece of land called the Impossible Canyon.   We were fortunate to get a golf car to take us the directly to the pit to start our day.


The first car to catch my eye was a Ferrari 250 TDF.  Value about $7 million getting ready to get on the track.   What an impressive car.


What deep pockets the owner must have to race this rare car.

Lights and fog lights are taped up for track time.


Ferrari 250TDF Interior.   Seats are covered to protect the leather.  Interior looks like its ready for the Concourse d’Elegance.


Pit crews getting cars ready before their races start.




Bugatti type 35.  Not sure which type this one was A, B, C, T , 37, 37A, 39

Click Here to learn about the Types
The Radiator grille and blue color is distinctly Bugatti.   What an impressive car.  Priced between $2-4 million dollars.


The original model, introduced at the Grand Prix of Lyon on August 3, 1924, used an evolution of the 3-valve 2.0 L (1991 cc/121 in³) overhead cam straight-8 engine first seen on the Type 29. Bore was 60 mm and stroke was 88 mm as on many previous Bugatti models. Ninety-six examples were produced.

This new powerplant featured five main bearings with an unusual ball bearing system. This allowed the engine to rev to 6000 rpm, and 90 hp (67 kW) was reliably produced. Solid axles with leaf springs were used front and rear, and drum brakes at the back, operated by cables, were specified. Alloy wheels were a novelty, as was the hollow front axle for reduced unsprung weight. A second feature of the Type 35 that was to become a Bugatti trademark was passing the springs through the front axle rather than simply U-bolting them together as was done on their earlier cars


I always loved the look of these engines and their superchargers


Look at the shift linkage and the leather opening built into the body.  Cool details.



porsche 910 1

A pair of Porsche 910 getting ready to run on the track.  The owners and crew chief are having a meeting.

porsche 910 3

porsche 910 4

Porsche 910 interior

john player specials 1

2 John Player Specials (JPS) waiting for their race time.

Shelby King Cobra Cam Am 1967 1

A 1967 Shelby King Cobra Can Am Car

porsche race car 1

porsche race car 2


ferrari daytona race car 1

Ferrari Daytona Race Car

ferrari daytona race car wheel

ferrari daytona race car 3

ferrari daytona race car 5

BMW Tent laguna seca 1

BMW created an elaborate setup to showcase their bmw motorsport history.

bmw tent laguna seca 2

bmw tent laguna seca 3

bmw tent laguna seca 4

bmw tent laguna seca 6


bmw tent laguna seca 5


bmw 3.5 CSL champion 4

bmw 3.5 CSL champion 3bmw 3.5 CSL champion 1bmw 3.5 CSL champion 2



Singer Porsche 1

Singer Posche

Singer Porsche 2Singer Porsche 3



A race worn Porsche 550A with battle scars.    This has to be one of my all time favorite cars ever built.




















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