Ciccio Liberto Is Retiring

Ciccio will close its doors and retire. What an amazing part of Motorsports History!

Handmade in Sicily, his driving shoes have graced some of the greatest heel-and-toe shifts by the likes of legends Niki Lauda, Nanni Galli, and more.

Motorsport’s biggest hitters were wearing Ciccio’s shoes. Jacky Ickx. Emerson Fittipaldi. Mario Andretti. Niki Lauda wore a pair of Ciccio boots when he won the F1 Championship in 1977, by which time Ciccio had become the Scuderia’s official footwear supplier. “At the end of the season,” he says, “Enzo Ferrari personally included me in his acknowledgments of the partners who’d contributed to the success of the Cavallino.” To an Italian, the endorsement was essentially a consecration, second only to a blessing from a pontiff.

“Dear friends, after so many years I am forced to lower the shutters: it is now time for me to dedicate myself, my family and my health. And so my shop on the waterfront, a reference point for many car enthusiasts, will soon host a new commercial that has nothing to do with footwear. It’s been nice feeling at the center of the world, meeting so many people, having such loyal and passionate clients… I feel like I have to thank a lot of people, so much that it is impossible for me to talk about some without taking the risk of forgetting someone else. I will only mention three of them, and for obvious reasons: Ignazio Giunti, Nanni Galli and Geki Russo, meaning those thanks to whom this wonderful adventure started. Geki flew into the sky too soon, a few months after meeting him. Nanni remained my friend until the end, for so many years, even though we rarely met once the epic of Targa Florio ended. With Ignazio instead it was different. Ignazio was the one who guided me in the ideal shoe studio, who made the riders feel comfortable, and even though he left us too soon and so heartbreaking, we had the time and way to strengthen our friendship, that was deep tbh and uninterested. A friendship that still lasts today through its family members, thanks to the unconditional respect that ties me to the Giunti family. And then, I must certainly quote Vic, without whose extraordinary victory at the Plate 68, that he generously wanted to dedicate me for those curious asymmetrical shoes made quickly and furious and delivered just before the departure, my fame at the al Three pilots wouldn’t have grown up so quickly.

Don’t think of me with sadness, just know that I’m a happy man because I made my dream come true: to be part of the racing world, what I’ve always loved. Knowing and becoming friends with many drivers, becoming a supplier of Scuderia Ferrari, and even reaching a certain notoriety around the world. Receiving so many certificates of appreciation, interviews, awards, seeing my creations displayed in many prestigious museums, working for Hollywood, acting in a Porsche advertisement dedicated to me. Truly beyond expectations. And to prove that I am not sad, but actually I am ready to embark on new adventures, I will tell you that something is coming, to allow all the enthusiasts of today and tomorrow to know the story of a humble craftsman who one day invented the running shoes . Therefore, let’s keep in touch. I love you both.
Your Cefalou Fuck.

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