My Former Jaguar V12 Convertible spotted in a Dior Commercial with Natalie Portman

Dior Commercial

  Dior has a new perfume ad with Natalie Portman and my former car plays a part in the commercial.   I used to own a dark blue/tan Jaguar XJS V12 Convertible that was a fun car to drive around town.   The V12 engine was very smooth and was a joy to drive but I was told these engines were prone to overheating and other major issues.   I did not experience of these problems during my ownership.   It was re-painted Dior’s signature color for the commercial and is driven by Natalie Portman.   I am glad it got a new lease on life and will be part of the Dior marketing campaign hopefully for a long time.  It will be making a trip  around the world for more of the marketing campaign.  I think it was all for the best.  

Rendevous – C’était un Rendez-vous – 1976

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Rendevous – C’était un Rendez-vous – 1976

Long before youtube or DVDs, there was talk of a movie of a crazy guy driving his Ferrari at outrageous speeds one morning in Paris.  I think the VHS tape was $69.99.   You could order from the back of car magazines at that time.  I was in 8th grade and could not justify spending the money on an 8 minute movie but I have been dying to see the video  my whole life. My buddy reminded me of this movie which we were able to find again.   I think only a handful of people like myself  have not seen this video but here it is again for everyone to see.   It is an  insane  drive through Paris at ridiculous speeds.   He is seen driving on one way streets, across center lines, and even on the pedestrian pavement.   I really dont think anyone could or should ever attempt this stunt again.   Incredibly dangerous! I always thought the car in the movie was a classic Ferrari but just read that he used a Mercedes Benz 450SEL 6.9 and dubbed the sounds from a Ferrari 275GTB. The movie was shot using a camera mounted on the bumper of the car.