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Road Trip 2017: Hunting for Classic Cars | Days 4 -8

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Road Trip 2017: Hunting for Classic Cars | Days 4-8
Ashland, Oregon is a really quaint small town.  It holds an annual Shakespeare Festival with 2 million visitors.   The whole downtown area has construction going on for this event.  As an Los Angeles resident , it amazes me how friendly everyone is.   I guess we are just jaded coming from LA.    We next drove to Portland, Oregon and spent a few days there to check out the city.  We hit all the tourist land markets:  Voodoo Doughnuts, Chinatown, Powell Books, Nike, Lake Owego, Mother’s Restaurant, Downtown Food Carts, etc.   It was alot of fun.   After a few days of Portland , we were ready to take the 4 hour drive to Seattle, Washington.   While Portland had a more small town feel, Seattle felt like Los Angeles.   It rained the whole time but it was a city I could see myself living in.

Road Trip 2017: Hunting for Classic Cars | Day 2

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Road Trip 2017: Day 2 We explored San Francisco and had a great time. In the morning we went for Dim Sum which is my favorite thing to do in the rain. It was a recommendation and the quality of the food was amazing. Next we explored the Windmills and Land’s End. Its beautiful and reminds me of Carmel by the Sea with the forests along the coast and the wind swept trees.