512TR California Blue License Plate Found in San Francisco

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512TR California Blue License
Here is a 512TR California Blue License for sale in San Francisco.   The seller is  the guy who had a 1985 silver flying mirror testarsosa for sale in the San Francisco area.   We documented the seller’s car in a previous post.   He is now selling his blue plate which was offered for sale with the 1985 testarossa.   He retained the plate and is now offering it to the highest bidder.    The seller’s  ad does not give a price but upon contacting him , he insists I throw out offers rather than offer a price.   It is a cool plate to have for any 512TR owners out there.

Ferrari 355 Challenge Carbon Fiber Engine Cover

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Ferrari 355 Challenge Carbon Fiber Engine Cover
Here in a Ferrari 355 Challenge Carbon Fiber Engine Hood found for sale in Dallas, Texas.   I did not know the Challenge car had engine covers that were entirely carbon fiber.   This is a cool piece but maybe this is an after market piece?   What else is carbon fiber on a 355 Challenge Car?   This hood  is painted TDF Blue on top and exposed raw carbon fiber underneath.     There are holes already drilled for the 355 Challenge Wing.   Should sell quickly.

Ferrari 355 Challenge Official Brake Set

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Ferrari 355 Challenge Official Brake Set
Here is a Ferrari 355 Challenge Official Brake Set found for sale in Italy.   Perhaps someone is parting out a Challenge Car…  There seem to be more Challenge parts for sale these days.    These are genuine calipers and rotors made the 355 Challenge cars and good condition.    These parts are extremely rare and were also found mounted on the Ferrari  F40 Competition Cars such as the LM GT and GTE.     These are not cheap but what a cool set of brakes but I do believe they will not last.

Porsche 356 Deck Lid T5 Found in Monterey

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Porsche 356 Deck Lid T5 Found in Monterey
Location: Monterey, California Here is a Porsche 356 deck lid in good restoreable condition found for sale in Monterey, California.   This would make a great piece of Porsche Automobilia wall art as well.   These amazing cars need to be saved and  restored so if anyone is missing a deck lid for their project, here is a solid candidate.