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NOS Lamborghini LM002 Tires Pirelli Scorpion Zero

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NOS Lamborghini LM002 Tires Pirelli Scorpion Zero Price $10,000 USD Set of 4 Difficult to find Pirelli Zero Tires for the Lamborghini LM002.  These are the mixed use tires and not the sand rail tires.   OEM set of 4.   These are 25+ year old tires.  They are ideal for an owner with intentions to show a car for judging events where originality is key. Click Here for Ebay Ad

Ferrari 275 Chassis 1965

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ferrari-275-chassis-1965-2 Ferrari 275 Chassis 1965 Location: Woluwe-Saint–Lambert, Belgium This is a cool find!   There is a lot of interest on this and I am sure there are many capable restoration shops that would love to build a 275GTB, GTS, GTB/4, or Nart Spider from this Chassis.   Ferrari records are so well kept these days.   Anyone bidding on this probably knows where to locate the matching numbers engine for this chassis already.    It would be fun to track this chassis and see what it becomes in the future.   What a great project for someone with deep deep pockets. Would you build it back to original specs ? Assuming you could not find the original engine, what would you build it into? 10/21/16   2 days left for bidding  / Current bid 35k dollars / 101 bids Click Here for Ebay Ad

Ferrari Dino 246GT Head Light Covers

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dino-headlight-cover-6 Ferrari Dino Head Light Covers I have no doubt that the Ferrari Dino should have left the Ferrari Factory with headlight covers installed.   Paninfarina envisioned the design of the Ferrari Dino 206 GT Prototype from 1967 with headlight covers. ( see prototype below) It should be noted that headlight covers were only tested on prototypes, but never  fitted on production cars at the factory.  Headlight covers were only fitted by the importer or dealerships.

Brandoli Dino 246 /206 Rear Glass

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Dino rear window 2

This a Dino 246/206 Rear Glass (reproduction)

Owner states this is from the Brandoli located in Modena, Italy. They are known for having many hard to find parts for Dinos. I have used Brandoli for other items and have been satisfied with the quality. I have purchased headlight covers for the Dino that has the correct curve, unlike so many other vendors. This is not an OEM product but it is being offered by the seller for $2,900.  I dont know if this is a good deal but finding an OEM window is getting scarce.   If you are in need of a rear window, I would suggest calling every vendor first to see if anyone has one stashed away.   Only then would I contact vendors in Europe like Brandoli, in Italy.