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1972 E Series Euro Dino 246GT wreck in Zimbabwe/ Rhodesia

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1972 E Series Euro Dino 246GT wreck in Zimbabwe/ Rhodesia

VIN: 03388 This is a wrecked Ferrari Dino 246GT that happened in the 1980s and parted. This car is not available for sale but what an amazing story this Dino must have. Can anyone track down its history? (VIN 03388) 1972 E Series Dino 246GT Euro crashed in an accident in Zimbabwe/ Rhodesia in the 1980s. Owned by an Australian who worked in Rhodesia and owned the wreck. He went back to Australia and had to leave the car but he was able to salvage usable parts like a pair of Dino Leather Seats.

Brandoli Dino 246 /206 Rear Glass

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Dino rear window 2

This a Dino 246/206 Rear Glass (reproduction)

Owner states this is from the Brandoli located in Modena, Italy. They are known for having many hard to find parts for Dinos. I have used Brandoli for other items and have been satisfied with the quality. I have purchased headlight covers for the Dino that has the correct curve, unlike so many other vendors. This is not an OEM product but it is being offered by the seller for $2,900.  I dont know if this is a good deal but finding an OEM window is getting scarce.   If you are in need of a rear window, I would suggest calling every vendor first to see if anyone has one stashed away.   Only then would I contact vendors in Europe like Brandoli, in Italy.