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Shelby Cobra Full Body Casting Mold Found in Los Angeles

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Shelby Cobra Full Body Casting Mold

Spotted in Anaheim, Los Angeles is a Shelby Cobra Full Body Casting Mold for $18,000 USD. The seller states this is a professionally built full Shelby Cobra 427SC mold. This mold was taken from an original CSX body that was going in for restoration, therefore all shapes and dimensions are correct. Included are a complete set of bucks for casting as many molds as desired. This is a complete set of molds for producing as many bodies/panels as desired. It seems that there is a huge market for repair panels. Casting as few as three replica kits would bring your investment to zero. This maybe an interesting business opportunity for someone. There are inner and outer hood, trunk and door panels, as well as the main body buck and mold. This mold is built super strong with multiple layers of hand-laid cloth and steel support framing, and is equipped with casters for ease of movement in the shop.

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1993 Dodge Viper Found in Los Angeles

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1993 Dodge Viper

Spotted in Los Angeles is a 1993 Dodge Viper for $25,000 USD. The seller states that he is ready to let go of his Viper to buy a home. This maybe a very good opportunity for potential buyer. The seller has owned this car for 12 years. It has 41,000 original miles and it stated to be close to mint condition. This Viper has always been garaged, serviced, and meticulously maintained. It has wheels from a later car but not a deal breaker.

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Rare 1990 Shinoda-Williams C4 Corvette Found in Nevada

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1990 Shinoda-Williams C4 Corvette

Spotted in Nevada is a 1990 Shinoda-Williams C4 Corvette for $35,000 USD. This is a 1990 Shinoda-Williams Rick Mears Special Edition Corvette. This car toured with Larry Shinoda to car shows promoting the Shinoda-Williams body kit and was the poster car for the Williams Car Company. Larry Shinoda (GM Corvette designer), Jim Williams (sponsor of Roger Penske race team) and Rick Mears (Indianapolis 500 winner) teamed up to market the body kit. This was 1 of approx. 14 Corvettes that were actually produced by the Williams Car Company. The body kit was designed by Larry Shinoda. The seller has documentation. Considered Larry Shinoda’s personal Corvette.

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Dick Dean Shala-Vette Show Car Found in Los Angeles

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Dick Deans Shala-Vette Show Car

Spotted in Los Angeles is a Dick Deans Shala-Vette Show Car for $18,000 USD. This a Dick Dean creation from the 1970’s. Dick Dean was a famous custom car builder and designer. A customizer by trade, Dick went on to run George Barris’ famous Kustom City. Notable cars he designed are the Muster Koach, Dragula, Surf Woody, Black Beauty and many others. — but he also built a few custom VW based buggies, about 12 – 15 that were called the Shala-Vette. He collaborated and worked alongside Bill Hines and George Barris.

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1974 Jeep General Street Rod Found in Texas

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1974 Jeep General Street Rod

Spotted in Texas is a 1974 Jeep General Street Rod for $18,000 USD. The seller has turned a common 1970’s mail truck into a street rod. It has a small block 8 cylinder Chevy 871 Blower Motor which is intimidating. The hood has been converted to a tilt front along with an all fiberglass body. This car was also featured on My Classic Car / Season 21 / Episode 17.

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1977 Corvette Widebody Found in California

1977 Corvette Widebody

Spotted in California is a 1977 Corvette Widebody for $8,500 USD.  The seller states this car is in very good condition, starts and runs great.   It has an extreme widebody kit with 10 inch wide American Racing Wheels in the rear with brand new tires.  The interior is in fair condition but will need to be brought back.   All the smog equipment has been removed.  

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