Brandoli Dino 246 /206 Rear Glass

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Dino rear window 2

This a Dino 246/206 Rear Glass (reproduction)

Owner states this is from the Brandoli located in Modena, Italy.
They are known for having many hard to find parts for Dinos. I have used Brandoli for other items and have been satisfied with the quality. I have purchased headlight covers for the Dino that has the correct curve, unlike so many other vendors. This is not an OEM product but it is being offered by the seller for $2,900.  I dont know if this is a good deal but finding an OEM window is getting scarce.   If you are in need of a rear window, I would suggest calling every vendor first to see if anyone has one stashed away.   Only then would I contact vendors in Europe like Brandoli, in Italy.

You will be surprised at the shipping quotes from Italy.  It was almost as much as the headlight covers I purchased.

It is incredible to think that a reproduction can cost this much but that seems to be the current market price. In order to re-install back into the Dino, the rear window needs to be pushed into 3-5 inches on both sides. This often resulted in cracked windows.   I have seen this happen in quite a few restorations as well.  There is a company out there that does make a Clear Perspex version (about $550 +shipping) which would be much easier and inexpensive to install.   Although this would not be an option for owners seeking 1st place trophies and Cavallino but its a viable solution for many.  Don’t forget to get a good rubber seal as well.  They are not all the same quality and good rubber will make your life much easier when doing the installation.   Rubber seals can range from $120-$250.  For Comparison, the front windshield rubber is about $360 dollars.

I suggest finding a professional window installer but even they may not want to take on the liability of it cracking during installation. Finding an OEM glass replacement is getting harder to find. If you can find a spare, I suggest you snatch it
.Dino rear window 4
This particular part has 9 people watching in its Ebay.
Seller is in Ontario, Canada and quotes shipping at $200
Buy it Now is $2,900
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Dino rear window 5


Dino rear window 6



Dino rear window 7

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