BMW E30 S14 EVO Motor Motorsport Schnitzer DTM

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E30 S14 EVO Motor Motorsport with Schnitzer DTM manifold rebuilt
Original 2.5 EVO engine with spray nozzles for the pistons
It had about 40,000 km and was rebuilt - now 0 km
276 hp with air flow meter
Throttle 49 mm! ! !
Manifold: Original from the Schnitzer (Ravaglia) racing car
Camshaft inlet 308 - outlet 284
Forged pistons - 2.5 ltr - DTM cups (inlet)
Oil pan is built in group A.
Also included: Airbox, wiring harness, airflow meter, air filter box,
Motronic is matched to the camshafts.
Shipping costs € 150.00 (within Germany)
Abroad or islands only with extra charge.
Because private sales are not a guarantee or warranty.

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  • Giovanni landi
    November 27, 2020

    È ancora disponibile?

    • Dirty Old Cars
      November 27, 2020

      questo è stato pubblicato nell’aprile 2020. Dubito che sia ancora disponibile