Spotted for sale is a BMW E30 M3 GROUP A FINA DESIGN for €95,000

This car is a class winner and very fast and very reliable. Finished 6 out 6 ins 2021 (5 wins in Group A, 1 2nd place, 2 overall wins), winning DTM88 (Touren Wagen Classics) in 2021. The car has competed against Kris Nissen and Otto Rensing in 2020 and beaten them several times (no DNF’s in 2020 either). In 2018 Johnny Ceccotto co-drove this car (signature on driver-side-sill) to victory in group A at the Nürburging race of the Touren Wagen Classics. All races and drivers are noted in the German Wagenpass starting 2016.

Built from a road going car (Dutch registration comes with the car) with a welded rollcage (Biesheuvel, DTM group A 1988, KNAF safety cage certificate). Reinforced group A suspension front and back, all unibolts, rear fully adjustable, Intrax Black Titan shocks, adjustable roll bars.

The car was prepared and developed and meticulously maintained during the last 3 years.

Engine: 2.3 S14 Engine (original bore) with Wiseco pistons and CadCams camshafts, lightened flywheel. Approximately 330HP. Crankshaft original bore. DTA motor management, airbox. The engine has approximately 30 running hours.

4-pot APbrakes in front, 2-pot in the rear. Group A pedal box. Brake bias adjustment via balance bar. It’s a real good and late braking car.

Original BMW motorsport GETRAG 5-speed gearbox (only 8 hours), AP twin plate race clutch.

Merin safety fuel cell in the boot. Airjacks. Comes with 3 sets of BBS wheels, one set rain tyres (Dunlop) one set slicks Michelin.

Recent laptimes: Zandvoort 1.49, Spa 2.43, Hockenheim 1.55, Salzburgring 1.31, Nurburgring 2.14

In the hands of a good driver this car is competitive in any race series and is a joy to ride. The M3 is eligible (amongst others) for Tourenwagen Classics, Tourenwagen Legenden, Belcar Historic or NK HARC 82-90. 

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