BMW E28 M5 Project

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Spotted for sale is a E28 M5 Project for $28,000

From seller:

Selling my 1988 E28 M5. I am the third owner. I’ve owned it for over twenty years. I’ve been slowly rebuilding/restoring it since 2004. The car is not currently finished, but it is almost ready for break-in. This is a limited production run collector car, built in the middle of production, in May.

I was a professional automotive technician when I began work on this car, and I was working with Steve Haygood (out of Georgia) for all replacement parts until he fell off the earth. 

It has been kept indoors the entire time I have owned it, and only in unheated spaces since 2020. It has some rust near the jack-points (see pictures) from the previous owner. I had it quoted at $2,500 to repair it a few years back. Interior is in very good condition, except the driver’s seat leather is somewhat worn and tired (see pictures) from a heavyset previous owner sliding out over it. While it was sitting this past winter, I noticed a puddle of coolant from the original radiator, so that should be replaced. I always planned to replace it with an all-aluminum part after break-in anyway.

It needs some diagnosis for a rough start running problem. I don’t have the time anymore, and I care less and less about cars each passing day. I’m moving out of the country for a while, and no longer want to keep the dream alive. If the car was running and broken in, I’d be asking $33,000 or more. I can bring you up to speed with all that I know, and every part I have or find in my garage that belongs to the M5 is yours. When I move out, I may find more and will contact you so it can go with you.

Done so far:
Replacement cam tray and exhaust cam from M6
New valves, seals, seats recut (3-angle grind)
Wiseco 10.25:1 forged pistonsw /Total seal rings
Block decked/honed/painted
Crankshaft nose built up and reground/balanced
New crank/main bearings
New timing chain/components/guides
New oil pump/chain
New water pump
New clutch
New vibration dampener
All new gaskets/seals
Injectors cleaned/balanced/new parts from Cruzin’ Performance 
New battery from 2019 has been kept on trickle charge

Additional parts for after break-in:
Miller MAF/W.A.R. chip, with 1 hour tuning time still unused (you must supply your own dyno shop)

Other stuff/parts:
OEM factory-fit front/rear radar detector
Spare SLS pump, reservoir, actuator
New PS filter
Lots of new parts from Bavauto/FCP in boxes
New, never-used, unpainted BBS side skirts

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