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mercedes-clk63-black-series-white-1   2008 MERCEDES BENZ CLK63 BLACK SERIES Location: San Francisco Bay White/ Black Interior Engine: AMG 6.3 Liter DOHC 32-Valve V8 500 hp / 465 lb-ft 0-60mph  only takes 4 seconds. Transmission: Automatic Curb weight: 3,960 lbs Contact Info: 510 200-8603 Price $51,888 US Dollars Click Here for Ad   There have been more documented sales of these rare cars lately.   It seems buyers are rediscovering these powerful beasts now that they are 8+ years old.    The original sticker price was $138,000. I think we are getting close to the bottom of the price curve.   This is the cheapest price I have seen and there maybe room for more negotiations.   There were only 350 units delivered to USA.   This special car is  pushing 500 HP from its 6.3 Liter

DZ RSR Porsche 935 / 917 Throttle Pedal for 911/ 912/930 1966-1989

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dz-rsr-porsche-935-917-throttle-pedal-3 DZ RSR Porsche 935 / 917 Throttle Pedal for 911/ 912/930   1966-1989 Seller is in Morro Bay, California : Rebel Racing Click Here for Ebay Ad Price: $185 US Dollars Rebel Racing Pro is known for their suspension upgrades to the Porsche brand.   I happen to see their 917/935 throttle pedal which is a cool upgrade in your 911. Has anyone used this product?  Does anyone have an opinion?

1957 Citroen 2CV

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citroen-1957-5 1957  Citroen Odometer: 44,299 Miles Engine: 2 Cylinder/ Twin Flat  / Air Cooled Front Wheel Drive Price: $8,750 US Dollars Click Here for Ebay Ad   I always wanted to learn more about the Citroen 2CV after seeing one in downtown Carmel by the Sea.   I believe it was being used as a delivery car by a local french themed restaurant.     The French have always had their on distinct flair on automotive design and innovation which I really love.

1958 Porsche Speedster

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porsche-speedster-1958-european-collectibles-1 1958 Porsche Speedster  1600 T1 VIN: #83832  / Not a Matching Numbers Car Engine:  1600 Super / 4 cylinder Location: Newport Beach, Ca Seller is a dealer: European Collectibles 323 422-8003 Originally Meissen Blue over Red Interior Price: $290,000 US Dollars Click Here for Ad   I was very excited to see this 1958 356 Speedster for sale because I have been looking for a good restoration candidate for a long time.   I thought this was it,  but then realized it was non matching numbers car which is at the top of my checklist.   Maybe the original engine can be reunited with this car one day.    I love these cars.   They are so fun to drive.  It takes you back to a different time and its just so enjoyable.    I have never stopped wanting to own a 356 again.    The restoration on this car was done in 2000 by European Collectibles.   The upholstery was redone by Autos International.     It looks to be in great shape and will be enjoyed for many years by the new owner.  

1969 Mercedes 300 SEL 6.3

mercedes-300-sel-6-3-1969-3 1969  Mercedes 300 SEL  6.3 Location: Santa Clarita Price $28,000 US Dollars Odometer:  24,500 miles Click Here for Ad Here is a silver Mercedes 6.3 with claimed low mileage.   What a cool find!  Seller states the car will need a fuel pump.   It will also need a paint job but otherwise looks surprisingly intact.   I have always loved these cars and always wanted to restore one.   The air suspension is going to cost a fortune to repair but that is one of its charms.   This is a good restoration candidate in highly color.