AMG Mercedes Collection in Poland

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AMG Mercedes Collection in Poland

Spotted in Poland is an AMG Mercedes Collection in Poland. As of 1/2/2020, the current bid is 133,350 Euros. The seller has a collection of 18 Mercedes / Koenig Special Edition Cars. My favorite being his Mercedes r129 SL 7.2 V12 Koenig Special with black 1995bj interior. He has collected quite an amazing group of automobiles. Look at his list of automobiles for sale.

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Description From Seller:

Hello to everyone interested, collectors, business people, lovers
of historic automobile vehicles ...

For personal reasons, I decided to sell my collections of exceptional Mercedes from the 80s and 90s.
I've been collecting cars and automotive gadgets and antiques for over twenty years and I'm a fan of the former real AMG company, in particular Mercedes R129 SL CABRIO, but also Koenig specials and others. I would love to sell all 18 pieces together.

However, it is possible to sell individual copies separately. All cars have full documentation
Briefs, service booklets, proof of ownership
ect. I can email detailed information, documents and photos
send for seriously interested people. I invite you to the cars
to see for yourself. 
Below you will find a list and a brief description of the vehicles offered.

1. Mercedes r129 SL 7.2 V12 Koenig Specials black 1995bj interior AMG mint. 

2. Mercedes r129 300SL-24v twin-turbo Koenig Specials 1990bj..Canary Islands, female, cream purple center, new engine. 

3. Mercedes W124 Cabrio 300-24v Koenig Specials,. Probably the only W124C. in K-S around the world. 1992bj. 

4. Mercedes r129 SL 6.0 V8 AMG original from Japan (full German version) paint 199 int. Black 89bj. 

5. Mercedes r129 SL 6.0 AMG black 040. AMG Lilac interior, the engine has changed 5.0 by 92 code 957 + others. 

6. Mercedes r129 SL 6.0 V8 AMG black 199 beige interior very rare in 6.0 AMG. New engine 6.0 AMG 35t./km, year 91, code 990. Germany. 

7.Mercedes r129 SL V12 600 original bumper threshold package AMG, int gray, rims 7.3AMG, panorama roof.Bj 95 

8.Mercedes r129 6.0 V8 AMG year 92, code 957 

9.Mercedes r129 6.0 V8 AMG turbo, the engine has changed.Bj 89 June, cobalt paint amg, blue interior with dark wood AMG. 

10.Mercedes r129 SL 6.0 V8 black 199,, Denmark (German documents) Bj91, code 990 

11. Mercedes w140 600 sec V12 AMG (in the documentation) Original Tuning MH Dezent 93 - speedometer 320km / h, body, rims 12 ", exhaust. 

12. Mercedes w201 3.2 AMG oryginał Baby Hammer. Bj88. Currently the only w201AMG original first series in the world.Mega rarity. 

13.Mercedes w124 3.4 AMG coupe 91, paint 199, int. cream, code 990. other: 

14. w124 300 limousine ori. pak. AMG.marine blue year 87 

15. w124 2.3 limousine ori. pak. AMG wise Bj86 Berlin. 

16. w201 2.0 ori. pak. AMG Bj85. 

17.r129 sl 500 red lacquer. D.Bj 92. 

18. r129 sl 600 v12 Switzerland. Bj.92 accident. 

You could write about any car for a long time, but you just have to see it for yourself. It is known that it is impossible to buy such a number of cars by phone or mail - I invite you to visit PLEASE bid bravely, I will consider all major purchase offers ...

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  • Paweł
    November 6, 2020

    Hello, these are my cars, currently I don’t have a Mercedes 600 sec MHdezent. The rest are still there. Greetings to all lovers of classic motoring – especially AMG and Koenig-Specials.

    • Dirty Old Cars
      November 6, 2020

      Hello Pawel
      Interesting collection of cars! Beautiful!

      What city in Poland ?
      Do you have a favorite among your collection?