AMG 3 piece OZ Wheel Restoration

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I had my first set of these beautiful AMG 3 piece wheels on my 1988 Mercedes 300CE in college. I had to trade a new chrome set of AMG Monoblocks and some cash to get these. I remember repairing cracks in the barrels due to pot holes which happened more than a few times. The wheels were never quite the same after any wheel repairs. Its been 27 years and I decided to dive back into the AMG cars I loved when I was young. I acquired a set of AMG staggered wheels for a 500SEC and a 500SL but both are in desparate need of a restoration. I either had to take them in to a professional wheel company or I could try it on my own….

The first thing I needed to do was soak the wheel bolts with a penetrating oil for a few days. I ordered the correct sockets which took 2 week to arrive from overseas. The 35 wheel bolts on each wheel were removed one by one and it felt like an eternity. The wheel bolts were first soaked in degreaser for a day before dropping them into a vibration tumbler using 2 different types of media over the span of a few days. The bolts came out much cleaner than I expected but still not sure if they shiny enough. I will polish each bolt and see if I can get them to shine a bit brighter. If they dont, I can take them in to be nickel plated.

The lips were incredibly dull and the clear coat was worn away in some areas. I decided to try paint stripper to remove the clear coat. It worked pretty well. I then used various pads to clean and polish the lips. Its a huge improvement but not professional quality. I’ll try to polish them even further but may need to take it to a shop. The inner barrels have so much crud that needs to be removed. I think I may have to separate the halves and paint the inner barrels or they wont look correct.


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