Alpine 8080 Alarm System

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Alpine 8080 Wire Diagram

The Alpine 8080 Alarm System was the best alarm I can remember from the 1990s. You could select from a long list of Alpine Accessory Option like the Alpine Keypad often found in the Lamborghini Countach or the Alpine Pager than would alert you when someone was breaking into your car. If your alarm was activated, the antenna would rise and send a signal to your pager. I sold my alpine 8080 over 25 years ago but only recently I have been able to find a new in box Alpine 8080 which will go into my car soon. The remote was the so cool but would often break. I had 2 remotes where the LCD display stopped working. They are pretty fragile and hard to come by today. The wire diagrams below came with my Alpine 8080. Hope it helps!

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