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Sold for $56,937 US Dollars at Auction 2016 Blenheim Palace

Alfa Romeo TZ1 are trading at 1 million dollars now.    They made only 120 examples so these cars are highly sought after.   This is an incredible collection of incredibly hard to find parts.   I would think any owner of a TZ1 would be thrilled to have this spare parts packge for only $57,000 US dollars.    Seems like a bargain to me.  Any thoughts?

alfa-romeo-tz1-orignal-components-2 alfa-romeo-tz1-orignal-components-3

Seller Description:

The TZ1 was a very special competition car, one built in extremely limited numbers. Introduced at the Turin Auto Salon in 1962, it was built on a tubular chassis with a very sophisticated specification. The chassis is a dedicated tubular unit weighing just 125 pounds, ensuring that the TZ1 is a Giulia only in the loosest sense of the term. The specification is impressive, with independent suspension and disc brakes all around (inboard at the rear), aerodynamic Zagato Kamm tail bodywork, and Alfa Romeo’s venerable twin cam engine.

With a weight of just 1459 pounds, the car was capable of 140mph. In the hands of privateers, the cars were incredibly successful, sweeping their class at Le Mans, Sebring, the Nurburgring, the Targa Florio, and the Coupe des Alpes. Just 120 examples were built, making them tremendously rare.

Used to support the current vendor’s own racing TZ1, we are delighted to offer a comprehensive spares package which includes the following:

Front bodywork ahead of the scuttle panel

Full and correct twin spark engine (which we believe has been rebuilt but not fitted)

Gearbox, propshaft and rear differential

Front and rear suspension and radius arms

Front and rear hubs, suspension springs and dampers

Brake calipers and discs, and master cylinder

Steering box

Front seats

We feel this is an excellent basis to build an authentic evocation of the iconic Alfa Romeo TZ1 for road or track use. All in all a fantastic prospect for the serious Alfa collector.

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