Alfa Romeo 1991 SZ Sprint Zagato

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Alfa Romeo 1991 SZ Sprint Zagato IL Mostro (1 of 1036 SZ coupes made)
A very rare car that was never officially brought into the USA.  Only sold in Europe.

46k original miles
This car is being sold in San Francisco by (dealer)  Click Here
Offered at $89,974
Please note this car cannot be registered in California. It will be sold with a valid Nevada title and plates.

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Very limited edition collectible Alfa, as only 1036 SZ coupes were made.

These V6 powered GT coupes were sold only in Europe.

Created as a halo car for Alfa, overall performance/value ratio compared favorably with period Ferrari 348 model.

Also known as Il Mostro in Italy, and revered as one of the most exotic Alfa Romeos produced in the modern age.

The Alfa Sprint Zagato was unveiled as a concept show car, the ES 30, at the 1989 Geneva automobile show. Reception was very positive and the production version debuted later that year. The SZ was a very significant flagship car for Alfa Romeo, developed as a high performance GT with a unique advanced styling featuring composite body panels, it was based on the chassis of the Alfa Romeo 75 model (Milano in the US market).


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Styling was primarily done in house at Alfa, and production was sourced at the Zagato works in Terrazzano di Rho near the Alfa factory in Arese. Interestingly, the SZ was one of the first applications of the CAD process to automobile design. The SZ was envisioned as an experimental coupé and a return to Alfa Romeo’s legendary sporting image. It was also to be a symbol of pure sports car design without compromise. The production car was very true to these ideals and to the legacy of the extreme coupés that distinguish Alfa’s history and relationship with Zagato : the 1900 SSZ 1954, the Giulietta SZ (Sprint Zagato) 1960, the Alfa Giulia TZ and TZ2 and the 2600 SZ 1965, Junior Z and Alfa Z6.

The powertrain of the SZ features an all alloy 3-liter Alfa Romeo V6 and a 5-speed transaxle. The rev happy Alfa V6 produces 207 HP and is a joy to experience. The compact SZ is 160″ long, only 51.6″ tall and sits on a wheelbase of 98.8″. Curb weight is listed at 2,769 lbs. Performance is very strong with 0-60 mph in about 7.0 seconds and a top speed of over 150 mph.


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The SZ featured some unique technical details. Handling is outstanding, as the chassis was tuned by Giorgio Pianta, engineer with Abrath racing and Alfa Corse, and team manager of the Fiat and Lancia rally teams. Many suspension components were taken directly from the Alfa 75 IMSA racer. Weight distribution is near the ideal 50/50 front / rear. Hydraulic dampers were made by Koni and offer a feature to raise the car by 50 mm for speed bump clearance, as the static ground clearance is very low. The front suspension is via torsion bars and the rear a De Dion tube with inboard rear brake discs. This combination produced outstanding qualities and the SZ can sustain over 1.1 G in cornering on road tires, and up to 1.4 G with race rubber. This remains excellent performance even by today’s standards.

The interior is entirely bespoke to the SZ and offers very sporting accommodations for two in well bolstered bucket seats. There is a definite “race car” ambience and emphasis on functionality rather than luxury, but the SZ is still a very comfortable GT. One nice feature is the considerable and useful luggage space under the rear hatchback.



Overall the SZ offers a unique combination of daring style, outstanding handling, GT accommodations and lively performance.

This incredible example was a recent find that we have just imported. Originally sold in Europe, this SZ was purchased by a Japanese collector. We discovered it in Japan and just brought it to the US.

The SZ has 45K original miles and is is very good condition.

There have been some minor modifications and the car is not 100% stock.
These include hood pins, Sparco racing pedals, a Kenwood audio system and speakers.

Original paint and interior show some patina and wear. Original leather upholstery has surface cracks and a few worn areas. Original paintwork shows some stone chips, minor scratches and touch ups here and there.



Mechanically sound and recently serviced with timing belt replacement earlier this year at 43K miles. Starts, runs and drives very well. No issues, no problems with running gear.

A very original, low mileage SZ in quite presentable condition. Can be driven and enjoyed now, or used as a solid base for a straight forward and relatively simple 100 point restoration.

Offered at $89,974.

Please note this car cannot be registered in California. It will be sold with a valid Nevada title and plates.

Please contact me for more questions, or to set up a viewing appointment … Marco.

Price plus tax and DMV fees.
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8/7/16  This SZ appears to have sold on Ebay for $59k.



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