1988 RUF CTR Found For Sale in UK : A Rare Opportunity

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1988 RUF CTR Found For Sale in UK :  A Rare Opportunity

This car needs to be documented!  A true RUF CTR cannot be found for sale on any given day.  This is the real deal and available for sale in London.   Instead of the more recognizable yellow paint this car has been painted green which is stunning.   This particular car is 1 of a handful of examples that were converted by the RUF Factory after the original production run of 29 cars were built.   It has 469 bhp and 408 lb/ ft of torque to propel a mere 1150 kgs!    In 1987 these RUF CTRs were designated  “The Fastest Production Car in the World”

I think these cars are worth the money and I would bet that they will keep appreciating.  What an amazing icon for the 1980s!


Fact: The performance figures attributed to this model seem if anything conservative! Bear in mind the 469bhp figure was offered by RUF based on the lowest output they achieved on the dyno for their engines – figures of around 500 bhp were commonly bandied about for many of the cars. To put the CTR’s performance in perspective – it has a better power to weigh ratio than that of an F40 and offers similar thrills when the boost arrives!

Mileage: 30,760
Price £400,000  or $499,000 USD
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