1967 Alfa Romeo GTC Convertible Found in Modesto

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1967 Alfa Romeo GTC Convertible

  Spotted in Modesto, California is a 1967 Alfa Romeo GTC Convertible for $225,000 USD.  The seller states this 3 owner car has been professionally restored and always maintained very well.   According to the iWikipedia the cabriolet was only offered in 1965 and 1966.  There were a total of 1,000 examples built by Carrozzeria Touring of Milan.  The cabriolet was introduced to the press at the Monza race track on 4 March 1965, and then made its public debut at the March 1965 Geneva Motor Show What are these worth?

Ferrari Formula One F93A Front Nose Cone Found in Cohasset

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Ferrari Formula One F93A Front Nose Cone

  Spotted in Cohasset, Massachusetts is a Ferrari Formula One F93A Front Nose Cone for $3,500 USD.   The seller doesnt provide much information.  I am curious how he was able to get this piece and would like to verify its authenticity.  this is the nose cone for Jean Alesi F93A Formula One car.  It has been restored and painted but the decals have not been applied yet. Price $3,500 USD

1990 Mercedes Benz Unimog FLU419 Found in Rosewell

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1990 Mercedes Benz Unimog FLU419

  Spotted in Rosewell, Georgia is a 1990 Mercedes Benz Unimog FLU419 for $20,000 USD.   You dont see very many Unimogs on the road anymore but this one is something I have never seen before.  This is a former Military Freightliner.  This one has a 17 foot Case Back Ho and International Front End Loader attached.  The seller states this is one of his toys and does not use it anymore.  It runs and drive and attachments operate properly.  This  vehicle sold new for $136,000 USD.  The selling price seems to be in line with similar offerings in the market. What do you think of this vehicle?

1990 BMW M3 Found in Boston (SCAM)

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1990 BMW M3 Found in Boston (SCAM)

  Spotted in Boston, Massachusetts is a 1990 BMW M3 for $1,500 USD.  The seller claims it belonged  to a deceased family member.  It doesnt run and he just wants it gone.  He conveniently has the title in the glove box ready to sign over.  The neighborhood kids like the car. LOL   This is obviously a scam but just wanted to document it for future reference

1995 Porsche 993 LA to Alaska Trek For Sale

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1995 Porsche 993 LA to Alaska Trek For Sale

  Spotted in Los Angeles is 1995 Porsche 993 For Sale for $32,000 USD.  This seller has gone on an epic road trip from Los Angeles to Anchorage, Alaska.   He is currently en route back to Los Angeles according to his ad.   This is  6 speed manual car that was given $3,000 in maintenance services before starting the journey.  The car will have approximately 218,000 miles when it arrives back in LA.   The seller says he made it all the way to Prudhoe Bay on a very tough road with no real issues.  He will be heading back to LA on a easier route through Montana.  His pictures of his trip are incredible.  This is a once in a lifetime trip. Would a 993 Carrera 4 be better suited for an Alaskan Road Trip?

1986 Mercedes 560SEC Koenig Special Found in Illinois

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1986 Mercedes 560SEC Koenig Special Spotted in Chicago, Illinois is a 1986 Mercedes 560SEC Koenig Special for sale.   The selling dealer states this is an ultra rare ABC Exclusive Body Kit 560SEC in amazing condition.  It does not have a scratch and is in excellent condition.  It has Recaro Classic Seats and an pristine interior.   The car is also mechcnically sound.  It has rare GOTTI Wheels with extra wide tires. VIN  WDBCA45D8GA202519 What do you think this is worth in today’s market?