1978 Porsche 930 Turbo Found in Utah

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1978 Porsche 930 Turbo

  Spotted in Utah is a 1978 Porsche 930 Turbo for $55,000 USD.  I am documenting this ad and have tried to make contact with the buyer.  No response yet.  I will report back if I get in contact with the owner.  Obviously this is probably gone if it is a legitimate ad.  The seller states it is the original factory paint with the exception of touch up over the years.  The odometer reads 60,291 miles.  IN 1978 the USA received 461 Turbo Cars. Real or Not?

1990 Ferrari 348TS Found in Denver

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1990 Ferrari 348TS

  Spotted in Denver, Colorado is a 1990 Ferrari 348TS for $49,500 USD.  The seller has only 32,000 original miles.  The seller has made some modifications to the car.  It has Ferrari 360 wheels with tires that have Bridgestone Potenza in white lettering.  The targa top has been painted body color.  The seats appear to have been redone. I could be wrong but the stitching looks off and they look like they are sagging.   The rear taillights are from the Ferrari 355.  Overall a fairly nice car for the price. What do you think of this car?

1988 BMW M3 Project Found in Boston

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1988 BMW M3 Project

  Spotted in South Shore, Boston is a 1988 BMW M3 Project for $20,000 USD.  The seller states the car does not drive.  It will need some paint work.  It only has 90,000 original miles.   If you are looking for an E30 M3, this maybe a good lead to follow up on.  Recently, a white BMW M3 with 35,000 original miles sold for $115,000 so the demand is rising. Would you take on this M3 Project?

1979 Ferrari GTB Found in Arizona

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1979 Ferrari GTB

  Spotted in Arizona is a 1979 Ferrari GTB for $65,000 USD.  The seller states this is a nice survivor that is being taken off the blocks and ready to sell.  This a 1979 carbureted car with 45,000 Miles with air conditioning system.  GTB cars were built between 1975-1980. What do you think of this car for the price? What kind of wheels are those?

1974 Lola T332 Formula 5000 Vintage Race Car Found in Arizona

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1974 Lola T332 Formula 5000 Vintage Race Car

  Spotted in Arizona is a 1974 Lola T332 Formula 5000 Vintage Race Car for $185,000 USD.  The seller states this car is in excellent condition.  This is chassis number Hu32B in the correct 1970s livery of Eagle Creek Aviation in Aviation, Indianapolis.   The original Hu32 was destroyed in a crash at Road America in 1974 and this car was built using some of those original parts.  It is FIA HTP registered through motorsport in New Zealand.  Immaculate condition, fully sorted, turn key and race ready. Chassis tub: aluminium 3/4 monocoque, bonded and riveted. Extra strengthening added to foot box area. Engine: built in New Zealand by Steve Weeber with no expense spared. Correct Chevy 5 liter using a DART block that has been lightened, AFR alum heads, T&D shaft rockers, roller cam, Weaver dry sump oiling, Vertex magneto. Correct Lucas mechanical fuel injection on MacKay magnesium manifold. Bartz valve covers are from the original Hu32.

2005 Ferrari 575 Superamerica Found in Las Vegas

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2005 Ferrari 575 Superamerica

  Spotted in Las Vegas is a 2005 Ferrari 575 Superamerica for $398,000 USD.   There are only 559 Superamericas built with only 43 with a manual gearbox.  This example is an F1 Auto Transmission car.  What is cool about this car is the electrochromic glass panel which rotated 180 degrees at the rear to lie flat on the boot.   This roofs were known to de-laminate over time so its something to look for when buying.  A desirable option to look for is the GTC handling package.  This car does have carbon ceramic disc brakes. What do you think of the blue interior?