2016 Porsche Cayman GT4 in New York

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2016 Porsche Cayman GT4  Spotted in  New York
Location:  New York

Odometer: 3,400 Miles

Price: $107,991  US Dollars
Horsepower: 385 hp
Engine: 3.8 L 6-cylinder
Curb weight: 2,955 lbs
MPG: 18 city / 23 highway

The Cayman GT4 is a hot commodity these days.   Dealers are all charging a hefty mark up to get one now.   You may be able to find one at sticker price but doubtful.   The MSRP starts at $84,600 US Dollars.    My friend was lucky enough to get one in Chicago when the person in front of him on the waiting list dropped out.   He was lucky enough to get it form a dealer that did not mark up the car.  This was 6 months ago.

The Cayman GT4 was introduced in 2015 using a slightly de-tuned version of the 3.8 Liter flat six engine from the 991 Carrera S.   It only comes in a 6 speed manual which is preferred anyways.   The GT4 also represents the last street legal track car with a naturally aspirated Flat 6 engine coupled to a 6-speed manual, a combination that would disappear after the introduction of the turbocharged Flat 4 in 718 Cayman.


Note from Seller:   The car is now in winter storage and is only available to be seen on weekend (weather permitting).

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Fun Fact:  The Cayman GT4 has a projected Nürburgring Nordschleife lap time of 7 minutes 40 seconds.  It has a top speed of 295 kilometres per hour (183 mph)

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