2014 Mercedes Armored G63 Formerly Owned By Larry Ellison

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2014 Mercedes Armored G63


Spotted in Los Angeles is a 2014 Mercedes Armored G63 owned by Larry Ellison of Oracle.   This car has been fully upgraded by Texas Armoring Corporation to be an armored vehicle with untra premium bulletproof glass.  It has four upgraded impact-resistant reinforced premium security wheels with specialized run-flat insert.  The sunroof is transparent while the fuel tank is self-sealing and coated with proprietary resin.  The car has dual ram bumpers and lrad high power acoustic defense mechanism  {crowd control deterrent }.   It has premium FLIR night vision system and  4 camera DVR mobile surveillance system 2 rear door partially operable windows with custom motor glass 2 front door partially operable windows.   For security, it has secure deadbolt locking system on all 4 doors along with electric shocking door handles with dual battery systems.    There is also a premium siren and loudspeaker PA System with flashing front and rear LED strobe light system.

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Odometer 7,700 MIles


Price $250,000 USD

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