2008 Mercedes CLK63 Black Series

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2008 Mercedes CLK63 Black Series

Iridium Silver / Black Interior

Engine: AMG 6.3 Liter DOHC 32-Valve V8

500 hp / 465 lb-ft

0-60mph  only takes 4 seconds.

Transmission: Automatic

Curb weight: 3,960 lbs

VIN:  WDBTJ77H28F236610

47k Miles
Price: $54,900

Seller is Dallas Motorsports in Wylie, Texas  (972) 429-1155

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This is a rare car and will undoubtedly appreciate in value.  The original sticker price was $138,000. I think we are getting close to the bottom of the price curve.   There were only 350 units delivered to USA.   This special car is  pushing 500 HP from its 6.3 Liter AMG engine.   It gets city 12 and 19 highway which is commendable for a car like this.   This car has been used as the safety care at Formula 1 races.  This is the Black series whcih has 25 horsepower more than the regular CLK63 AMG.   Mercedes made the black series special by focusing more energy on the chassis and body structure such as adjustable rebound and compression damping and springs.  The Black series is 2.6 inches wider and the front track is almost 3 inches wider than the regular CLK63.

There is also extensive bracing used at the front strut towers and through out the car for additional stiffness.

It has carbon fiber fender flares and rear apron.

Carbon Fiber lower rear diffuser

Bi-xenon headlamps w/ active curve illumination

Carbon Fiber reinforced front apron

Mendel’s Garage  currently has one for sale for $54,900.  This car is also a 2008 and has 81k miles

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There is another one for sale in Durham, North Carolina for $83,900 with only 16,201 miles.

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Just for reference:

10/18/16  There is a white CLK63 Black series in Livermore, Ca.    White / Black Interior $51,888 /48k Miles

10/18/16 There is a black CLK63 Black series in Cupertino, Ca   Black / Black Interior  $110,000 / 16,464 miles









From Seller:
This Black Series is an absolute BLAST to drive; the steering is razor sharp and quick. The chassis responds to even the most subtle of throttle brake and steering inputs…Plus it makes the right sounds, as a Mercedes V8 should! With over 500 hp, this car is a blast to drive.

This is a limited production Mercedes and will only continue to get harder to find!

Designed for the racetrack, ready for the roadway, is how Mercedes describes this amazing car. Please visit this link to the Mercedes micro site for all relative details regarding this unique car


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