2006 Ferrari F430 Challenge Car For Sale in San Francisco

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2006 Ferrari F430 Challenge Car For Sale in San Francisco

Location:  San Francisco, Ca

Price: $89,900 US Dollars

This seems like a good price for a F430 Challenge Car.   With F355 Challenge Cars sky rocketing above $150,000.  I cant imagine the F430 cars are going to get much cheaper than this.   True, the F355 (depending on the year) can be made street legal which makes it more appealing to buyers, but all Factory Challenge cars are something special.   You may only get to use it on the track but imagine what fun that track day would be.

It was originally sold to Lawrence Stroll who campaigned with great success in the Ferrari Challenge Series.   As with most all of these factory supported track cars, she was overly maintained till being retired a couple years ago and relegated to open track days or vintage challenge race series.  Body is in exceptional condition (for a race car), interior shows signs of use and enjoyment but overall excellent condition, plexi windscreen is pitted and could be replaced, otherwise cosmetically and mechanically she is in great shape.  It comes with 1 additional set of rims.

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The Ferrari F430 Challenge is a production-based race car built by Ferrari. The car is directly based on the standard F430 and uses the same 4.3L V8 engine. It was introduced at the 2005 Frankfurt Motor Show to supersede the Ferrari 360 Challenge in the Ferrari Challenge and the Rolex Sports Car racing series.

The F430 Challenge is a non-road legal variant of the road-going Ferrari F430, it has been extensively modified by Ferrari to boost its on circuit performance with extensive weight reduction and suspension changes. Just like in previous Ferrari Challenge cars the engine has largely remained the same as on the production road cars except for some enhanced breathing by means of a racing exhaust system and some engine management tweaks and fine blueprinting.

The engine is the same 90° 4.3 litre V8 as in the standard F430. The output remains the same at 483 hp (360 kW), as well as the torque at 343 lb·ft (465 N·m). The engine is equipped with Double Overhead Camshafts and contains 4 valves per cylinder. The engine is, and always has been, naturally aspirated.

The transmission is the 6-speed, paddle operated, sequential manual found in the F430. The transmission uses Formula One technology and can shift gears in 150 ms. The brakes use carbon ceramic material, which is very resistant to brake fade. Both front and rear suspension use double wishbones and anti-roll bars. The exhaust system is updated for the Challenge car, placing the outlet ports higher in the back of the car. The back also includes a new grille to help with drawing heat out of the engine

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