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Spotted for sale is a 2003 FERRARI F2003-GA ENGINE

Current high bid is €16,250 on Dec 1st,2022

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Introduced midway through the 2003 season, Ferrari’s F2003-GA was named in honour of the recently deceased honorary chairman of Fiat, Gianni Agnelli. It proved to be extremely competitive, winning three of its first four races, and ultimately taking Michael Schumacher to his sixth Drivers’ Championship title.

This lot consists of an original F2003-GA engine casing and cylinder heads. The naturally aspirated ‘Tipo 052’ 3.0-litre V10 was capable of producing up to 845hp at 18,300rpm, and was fabricated from aluminium and magnesium.

The engine on offer comprises the block and crankcase, cylinder heads, and cam covers. There are no pistons or major internals, though it does have the original bearings and numbered spark plugs as shown. Exhaust manifolds are present on both sides, as is the carbon-fibre air scoop, though there is no airbox. It is presented in ‘as used’ condition, with minor marks and cosmetic flaws around the casings, manifolds, and the carbon scoof – but it is in generally good order for its age.

As a genuine piece of Ferrari F1 history, this represents an unmissable opportunity to acquire the major parts of a screaming V10 race engine, from the Maranello marque’s dominant post-millennium era. It would be a wonderful addition to a collection of Ferrari road or race cars, or as the crowning jewel for an assembly of motorsport automobilia.

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