2002 Westward Go-4 interceptor 2 for $2,500

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Selling my 2002 westward go-4 interceptor II. It has 42k miles on it and was owned by Merced PD as a parking enforcement (meter maid 3 wheel cart) vehicle. 

The GO-4 was specifically designed for the needs of parking management and enforcement. It has a distinct look and a tall cab to allow operators to work with less fatigue.
A 2.5-inch steel roll bar chassis allows for strong impact resistance.
Reliable and easy maintenance with the engine and transmission made by Hyundai!
Enclosed with heat, so can drive it all year long! 

Runs well, but the front tire has a flat spot in it and the front brake pad is warped so I wouldn’t drive it until those are replaced. However… 
It comes with everything to fix it up into a perfect driver, including, new tires, new brake pads and rotors, new spark plugs, new oil and filter, new air filter, new front marker lights, new led taillights, new armrest, and more! Has a 2-inch trailer ball attached and comes with a rear bumper guard. (Rare)
Seriously, should be everything you need to make it run and drive perfect! 

I have the original CA title (not yet transferred into my name)
Titled and registered as a motorcycle! But you don’t need a motorcycle license to drive it!
Never needs Smog!
Great MPG and cheaper insurance (around $100 a year!)
Can easily go to 50 – 55 mph, or higher if you dare. lol
Receive all the benefits of owning a car, with the freedom and carefree lifestyle of owning a motorcycle.
Great deal!

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  • Terry Maloney
    August 15, 2022

    I will buy these if they re still available. Have one and need door and I will refurbish the other ones