2000 Hennessey Venon 650R Viper

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Spotted for sale is a 2000 Hennessey Venon 650R Viper for $125,000

Super rare car. This is the car that Hennessey is most famous for.
2000 Hennessey Venon 650r Viper.
Dodge dealer sent brand new Viper GTS to Hennessey Performance to build this beast in 2000! Upon return, the car remained, and was provided regular service by the dealer, as a showroom car for many years until registered in 2010.
I am the second owner.

I purchased it directly from the person who had ordered it from Hennessey. The Venom 650r package includes the famous Hennessey engine work to take the stock 450hp to 650hp / 650lbs torque. Hennessey then added racing Brembo brakes, rare aero body and wing etc. All of this power comes normally aspirated, without supercharging or turbos!

Car is all original as it came from Hessessey’s shop with the exception of the recent addition of new lightweight 19″ custom wheels and tires in sizes of 295/30/19 and 345/30/19.
I have the original 18″ HRE wheels if you are interested.

The car has been dealer maintained the majority of it’s life by a factory trained Viper tech. The car is super fast as you would expect it to be with 650hp and weighing over a 1000lbs less than a Hellcat.
By the way, this car is number #007.

Hennessey is for sale or trade. If you have a cool ( high quality) 1930’s to 1950’s restomod I may be interested in a trade.
More photos will be added in the next few days.
Show me what you have if you would like to trade.

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