2000 BMW 740iLP with Protection Package

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Spotted for sale is a BMW 740iLP with Protection Package for $18,999

Located in Chicago, Illinois, this 2000 BMW 740iLP remains a single-owner vehicle and has been garaged since it rolled off the lot. Over its 22-year lifespan, this vehicle boasts only 67,000 original miles, making it a standout vehicle both for its uniqueness and low use.

While this generation of 7-Series will always be sought after, you are not likely to find many like it. This 2000 740iLP – one of only 44 sold in the U.S. in 2000 – adopts the “P” designation reflecting its ultra-rare Protection Package, a factory up-armoring that gives the owner a remarkable edge of safety and security for those desiring a level of personal protection that goes above and beyond.

Watch the James Bond classic “Tomorrow Never Dies” and you’ll have plenty of opportunities to see this incredible model in action. Featured as one of the iconic Bond vehicles, the BMW 740 iLP was re-badged with as a 750iL and deployed throughout the film with a starring role as James Bond’s epic ride. Don’t miss a chance to own an iconic vehicle like this. Rocket launchers not included.

When protecting yourself and your assets is your highest priority, the BMW Protection Package has you covered. The factory-installed Protection Package is valued at $33,000 as an add-on when purchased new. It includes 466 pounds of additional armoring to doors, bullet resistant glass with polycarbonate skin, limited front window roll-down and fixed rear windows. Originally shipped with run-flat tires, the tires on this model have been changed over the years to traditional tires.

For Car and Driver’s review, see below:

Since the late 1970s, BMW’s 7-Series has served as the flagship Bavarian sport luxury cruiser. Though every model has its share of impressive features, the third generation E38 is arguably the high-water mark from a design perspective. This vehicle takes BMW’s wildly successful 740iL to an entirely new level with ultra-rare factory-installed protection features usually reserved for heads of state and titans of industry. This model, featured in James Bond’s “Tomorrow Never Dies,” is the pinnacle of luxury and protection combined into one impressive package.

This vehicle, with the “iL” designation, features a 5 ½” stretched wheelbase that results in a cavernous rear passenger area. It also sports the biggest V8 BMW fitted to the E38; a 4.4-liter affair known for silky power delivery in the form of 324 lb-ft of torque and 282 bhp.

This is a single-owner vehicle that has been garaged it’s entire 22 years. Adding to its allure, it sports only 67,000 original miles.

Make: BMW
Model: 7-series E )
Submodel: 7-series E38 Phase II (1998-2001)
Class: Luxury Sedan
Doors: 4 door
Traction: RWD

Engine: BMW M62TUB44, spark-ignition 4-stroke, naturally aspirated indirect injection
Cylinders Alignment: V 8
Additional: Bosch Motronic M 7.2 DOHC; V-90deg
Displacement: 4.4L
Bore: 3.62 in
Stroke: 3.26 in
Compression ratio: 10:1
Horsepower (net): 282
Torque (net): 324 ft-lb
Fuel capacity: 25.1 US gal
Transmission: automatic with Steptronic manual shift mode
Gears: 5

Length: 201.7 in
Width: 73.3 in
Height: 56.1 in
Wheelbase: 120.9 in
Front track: 61.7 in
Rear track: 61.7 in
Turning radius: 40 ft
Tires: P235/60 R16 W

Protection Package
$33,000 add-on when purchased new)
+466lbs of factory armor and features
Bullet resistant glass with polycarbonate skin
Armored doors
Front windows roll down 1/2 way, rear windows do not roll down (intended protection feature of the armoring package)

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