2 Lamborghini Espadas Found in Phoenix

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Pair of Lamborghini Espadas

Spotted in Arizona are a pair of Lamborghini Espadas for sale for $65,000 USD. The first one is a 1969 example with serial number 7302 and the other one is a 1972 serial number 7861. The seller states that they will only be sold as a package and most likely will require both cars to make one good Espada. However, it should be noted that there is only one 12 cylinder Lamborghini engine and drivetrain included in the sale. It is good to know that both have clean titles and have been in dry storage for the last 30 years.

1969 Serial Number 7302

1972 Serial Number 7861

Price $65,000 USD

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  • AG
    October 29, 2019

    is this still for sale?

    • Dirty Old Cars
      October 30, 2019

      I believe this car sold awhile ago.
      Check the posting date. These kinda of deals dont last long