1998 RUF CTR 2 Sport Leichtbau White Pegasus Found for Sale

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Spotted for sale is a 1998 RUF CTR 2 Sport Leichtbau

This unique 1998 RUF CTR 2 Sport Leichtbau (Lightweight) was exclusively build for Mr Jun Takeyama, the former president of the Japanese RUF owners club, a personal friend of Mr Ruf and an absolute VIP client. He approached Alois Ruf to build an even more radical CTR 2 Sport for road and track use.

Only 29 CTR 2 were built in total, of these were 13 Sport versions with a wider body. Mr Takeyama’s car is based on the 1998 Sport version, but was upgraded to Sport Leichtbau with a lot of unique details usually seen on racing cars. Immediately after its completion, the car was called the „White Pegasus“, a name that it retains until today.

This is a very rare opportunity to purchase a unique, one-off custom build Ruf CTR 2, for both, road and track use. The “White Pegasus” must be one of the rarest, but also the most famous of all RUF CTR 2, having been featured in various magazines and publications.

The car is presented today in stunning condition. It has recently been serviced and is on the button

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