1997 Porsche C4S For Sale: Black with Cashmere Leather

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1997 Porsche C4S For Sale: Black with Cashmere Leather

Odometer: 63,500 Miles
Location: Oregon
Price: $77,000 US Dollars
Seller: Whohasthecarkeys@gmail.com

This car has been resprayed in its original color. It has only 63,500 miles and looks to be in good condition.
Services have been completed at Rothsport Racing with records back to 2008. Original wheels, window sticker, fog lights and radio head unit all included with sale. Car is stock except for Fister Muffler sound modification. Has more aggressive sound than stock without droning or being too loud.   It is a desriable car and should sell quickly.

These ares share the Turbo bodyshell.   The 4S has 4 wheel drive and slightly lowered suspension compared to the standard models.  The all wheel drive cars are heavier due to the all wheel drive but it also results in quicker 0-60 sprints and higher top speed.    There were only 937  C4S examples built for North America and another 298 examples built for 1998.





porsche-993-4s-1997-black-oregon-2 porsche-993-4s-1997-black-oregon-3 porsche-993-4s-1997-black-oregon-4 porsche-993-4s-1997-black-oregon-5 porsche-993-4s-1997-black-oregon-6 porsche-993-4s-1997-black-oregon-7

Above: Engine Compartment looks clean for 63,500 Miles

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