1997 Mercedes 500SL Brabus for sailboat

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Spotted for sale is a 1997 Mercedes 500SL. The seller would like a 36-40 foot sailboat

I have an excellent condition 1997 Mercedes Sl500 convertible that also has a hard top. It has 70k miles and has numerous upgrades, spent most of it’s life in Florida and has zero rust.

I’m looking to trade it for a 36-40 sailboat. The newer the better, the oldest I’d consider is early 80’s. I don’t mind a project boat and the location doesn’t matter either but I’d like something in the U.S. I am up for something that needs work like a hurricane salvage boat. As long as it has a mast and sails, preferably decent rigging and a working engine. I am looking for something with a good layout below including a full galley and head. I’m going to be using it for cruising and I’m going to attempt to make money taking people on sunset cruises etc.

I’ve owned the Mercedes for about 15 months. I bought it from a woman I worked for. Her husband passed away and it had been parked in their garage for some time. He clearly loved the car and took very good care of it. It runs very well without any check engine lights on. Around 340 horsepower. I’ve done a lot of maintenance too which I can list for anyone interested.

It has a number of upgrades including a full body kit which looks better than anything else I’ve seen, and haven’t seen another like it. A custom dual exhaust which I also haven’t seen anywhere else. A custom spoiler. Very nice wheels with almost new performance tires. HiD headlights. Upgraded suspension. The majority of the stuff is from Brabus which is Mercedes in house performance group.

This is a bit of a random trade, but I figured I’d give it a shot. I wasn’t planning to sell the car and am not desperate to. I have another car I use daily and I’m paying to keep the Mercedes in storage, so if I can find a decent trade I would be up for it. It is very fast.

The only things that need work is the soft top hydraulic system apparently needs to be reset, it’s not operational unless you raise it manually. I know the pump works which can be an expensive problem, so it shouldn’t cost much to fix. I’ve had the hardtop on most of the time anyway and like the way it looks. Also, the wheels are chrome and the rears need to be refinished. There’s a small dent in the rear that needs to be banged out. Lastly, the radio needs a new antenna and some wiring replaced as there’s no sound.

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