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1996 PORSCHE 993 RS COUPESold at Techno Classica 2016  Coy’s Auction for  $256,715 US Dollars

I think this is a good reference to see what these cars are worth today and where they could go in the future.   These are very rare and desirable cars.  These cars were produced from 1995 and 1996 only.   Unfortunately this car was never approved for the USA.  In europe this car was street legal .   These lightweight cars feature a 3.8 liter engine with 300 bhp.

The headlight washers were deleted for weight savings.  The rear seats were removed and special racing seats and lightweight door cars were installed.   Sound proofing was almost nonexistent on these cars.    The curb weight was around 2,800 lbs which is 200 lbs less than a base coupe.

Road and track thinks these ultra rare cars can reach $450,000 US Dollars    Click Here

Sotheyby’s Auction House sold a 1995 Porsche carrera RS for $550,000    Click Here


Interesting Facts:

For 1995, Porsche produced  110 Carrera RS models

For 1996, Porsche produced 57 Carrera RS models

Only 47 examples were constructed to accomodate the right hand drive market

Porsche 993 have a large 19 gallon fuel tank while the the 993 turbos came with 24  gallon tanks.

There was even a larger tank available as an option.   An efficient driver can drive almost 500 highway miles based on its 16 city and 25 highway fuel economy rating.

Ther was an even more rare variant of the Carrera RS which is the Clubsport.  These cars came with factory roll cages.   The carpets , power windows, air conditioning and radio were deleted.   It also came with a larger rear weing and deeper chin spoiler than the standard RS. The Clubsport seats saved 66 pounds each over a stock seat.


Above is an example of a 911 RS/ Clubsport



Above is a RS/ Clubsport Factory Wheel  8 x 18 front and 10 x 18 rear

porsche-993-rs-1996-2 porsche-993-rs-1996-4


Perhaps the fastest normally aspirated Porsche 911 produced by the factory to date is the 1996 Carrera RS 3.8, and it is indeed a wolf in wolf’s clothing. There is no hiding the car’s intent, which is to cover ground in a hurry. This extremely rare and desirable automobile was the ultimate evolution of Porsche’s Type 993 chassis, and in turn, it was a step up from the 964 RS. As Porsche historian Karl Ludvigsen wrote in his authoritative Excellence Was Expected, the RS 3.8 was one of several models built to fulfil the company’s grass-roots commitment to GT racing.

Its power is delivered through a Type G50/31 six-speed manual transmission, with its gearing optimised for acceleration rather than top speed. Immense 265/35ZR-18R tyres in the rear and 225/40ZR-18 tyres in the front are mounted on specially made 18-inch “Speedline for Porsche” three-piece, light-alloy wheels with magnesium centres, which are 9-inches wide in the front and 11-inches wide in the back.

This wonderful 993 RS was delivered new in 1996 to Japan, where it resided until being re-patriated back to Europe a year ago. Having covered just 41,000 km, and complete with history from Japan this striking 993 has since formed part of one of Europe’s most significant Porsche collections where it has been serviced by arguably the UK’s best- Jazz Motorsport. Offered publically for sale for the first time this striking Speed Yellow 993 has to be arguably the best available on the market worldwide today.

Dieser wunderbare 993 RS wurde zuerst 1996 nach Japan ausgeliefert, wo es solange verblieb, bis es vor 1 Jahr wieder nach Europa zurück gebracht wurde. Mit nur 41.000 gefahrenen km und kompletter Dokumentation aus der Zeit in Japan, ist es seitdem Teil von einer der bedeutendsten Porsche-Sammlungen in Europa, wo es durch UK´s Besten gewartet wurde – “Jazz Motorsport”. Erstmalig zum öffentlichen Verkauf angeboten, ist dieser Speed Yellow 993, der wohl bemerkenswerteste weltweit verfügbare auf dem heutigen Markt.

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