1996 Mercedes E60 Vaeth AMG for $20,000

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Spotted for sale in Austin is a 1996 Mercedes E60 Vaeth AMG for $20,000

This rare car began life in Germany as a Mercedes E50 AMG. I’m certain it enjoyed many an hour on the Autobahn. At some point the owner of the vehicle felt he wanted something more. He contracted with Väth (https://www.vaeth.com ), a renowned tuner of Mercedes vehicles, to upgrade the E50. Extensive work was done to the vehicle. The engine was upgraded to a 6.0L, 400HP engine; the brakes were also upgraded to support the increased power. The engine alone would cost over $20,000 if done today.
Sometime in 2000 a gentlemen living in Silicon Valley contacted Barry Taylor Enterprises, Inc., an importer and conversion specialist of German vehicles, about finding him a vehicle to be brought over from Germany. It was this vehicle. Work began to convert the vehicle to US Safety and Emissions standards. The purchase of the car and the conversion work totaled to over $55,000 in December of 2000.
I am the fourth owner of this remarkable car but need to sell the car as part of a divorce settlement. I am asking $20,000/OBO for this unique vehicle.

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