1995 Ferrari F50 Found in Florida

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1995 Ferrari F50 Found in Florida
VIN ZFFTG46A7S0104120
Odometer: 8,027 Miiles

This ultra rare Ferrari 1995 F50 is for sale in Florida.   They are asking $2,395,000 US Dollars.  It has 8,000 miles on it and looks to be in excellent shape.   Just as a side note, Mike Tyson’s Ferrari F50 will be going up for auction this year at Amelia Island which has a projected price of $2,400,000 USD.  They expect a 1 million dollar premium for being Mike Tyson’s car.    I dont know where that would put other F50 examples without a pedigree but it sounds like the seller is asking top dollar.   Just as a reference,  a 1995 F50 sold in Monterey ( No. ZFFTG46AXS0104063 / Assembly No 21127) in 2015 for $1,980,000.


Only 349 examples were built and 50 made it to the USA.

Given the choice: Would you take an F40 or F50?


These cars were built from 1995 to July 1997.   The engine is a 3.5 Liter V12  that was used in the 1990 Ferrari 41 Formula Race Car.  Incredible!

Fact: Mike Tysons F50 will be going up for auction at Amelia Island with an estate of 2.4 million USD.

Given the choice: Would you take an F40 or F50?


  • Exterior Color: Rossa Corsa
  • Interior Color: Rosso
  • Engine: 4.7L V12  (60 valve)
  • Transmission: 6 Spd Manual
  • Drivetrain: Rear Wheel Drive
  • Built  between 1995 to July 1997
  • Dry weight: 2712 lb (1230 kg)
  • Distribution: 42%/58 % (front/rear)
  • Length: 177 in (4,496 mm)
  • Height: 44.1 in (1,120 mm)
  • Width: 78.2 in (1,986 mm)
  • Wheelbase: 101.6 in (2,581 mm)
  • Front track: 63.8 in (1,621 mm)
  • Rear track: 63.1 in (1,603 mm)
Seller: Excell Auto Group (866) 506-5954
1001 Clint Moore Rd, Suite 101
Boca Raton, FL 33487
VIN ZFFTG46A7S0104120
Price $2,395,000
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