1995 Ferrari F355 Spyder : Rancho Cordova

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1995 Ferrari F355 Spyder : Rancho Cordova

Location: near Sacramento

Odometer:  49,500 Miles

Seller:  530 554-7401  Brian

Price: $43,000 US Dollars


Here is a 1995 Ferrari F355 spyder near Sacramento.   It is not a garage queen and is priced accordingly.

The Seller made some modifications to his liking.   It has Ferrari 360 wheels that were custom milled to fit on the F355.    Seller states that he does not have the original wheels anymore.   Currently , it has new good year tires in the rear and Pirellis up front.   One of my pet peeves is a non matching set of tires.    It has aftermarket seats but the seller will include the original seats.    The dashboard was covered in vinyl.  I dont know why he would do that.

  • Seller has only owned the car for 1 year but tags are good until November 2017
  •  It passed smog on 11/11/16 so no issue there
  • There is a crack in the front bumper about 2 inches long
  • The Convertible top works but has couple of tears
  • It has the very desirable  6 speed manual transmission
  •  It may need a new windshield which can cost upward of $5,000 US Dollars
  • Major service was done within the year and included the timing belt change

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Above:  Dashboard is bubbling.  Seller states it covered the dashboard in vinyl.  It will need to be redone in leather.


Above:  The seller has put after market seats but states he will include the factory seats in the deal.




Above:  Ferrari 360 wheels machined to fit on the F355.


Above:  Engine bay is dirty and will need a full detail




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