1995 Ferrari 512M Found in California

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1995 Ferrari 512M

Spotted in California is a 1995 Ferrari 512M for $379,000 USD. The seller states this example received an engine out service in mid 2018 and is ready for the new owner. This was the final version of the Testarossa platform and has 38,500 original miles.

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Price $379,000 USD


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  • Mike
    February 11, 2021

    $379,000 USD is quite steep but it is one of the last unicorns in the other hand… In black still looks best to other colors for 512M. Front headlamps visually fit to black bonnet and black paint makes car design looking compact in spite of styling changes Ferrari made to last gen. These were built to be driven hard but who would do so if paing such immense amount of money? Hopefully it will end in hands of racing billionare who drives it every week to its limit and not under cover in collector’s hangar of greed who usually passengers chauffeured limo…