1995 Ferrari 456 GT For Sale in Los Angeles

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1995 Ferrari 456 GT (type F116)

Location: Los Angeles
VIN: ZFFWP50B000106832
condition: excellent
cylinders: 12 cylinders
Odometer: 17,276 Miles
paint color:  Blue
Price: $53,000 OBO


These Ferrari 456 GT cars are not highly sought at the moment after but after comparing the prices of  308 GT4 Dinos in the market, I think this car represents a better value.  I have always wanted to drive the 308 GT4 because I am told they are alot of fun to drive but the 456 GT seems more refined and sophisticated.   First,  this is a  12 cylinder front engine Ferrari for only $53,000 OBO.   Thats amazing!   Secondly,  this one has an amazing blue interior which I love.   The 2 biggest drawbacks on this car are the factory wheels which I never felt complemented the car well and that this one has an automatic transmission.   In the 90’s Ferrari wanted to grow its customer base so they offered this automatic option and surprisingly it was very popular.  If this was a manual , it would command 10k more.   These cars are creeping up in price.  I remember when you could get these in the low 30’s.    Unfortunately those days are gone.   This one represents relatively good value.   An inspection would be highly recommended.    I think these cars are only going to go up from here.


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Contact: ChrisJ 310.873.7287

Reference:  12.23.16  San Francisco 1997 Ferrari 456 GTA For Sale $50,000 Click Here

The Ferrari 456 and 456M  is a front-engined grand tourer. The 456 was produced from 1992 until 2003. It was an overdue replacement for the defunct front-engined 412 as the company’s V12 four seater. The updated 456M was replaced in 2004 by the 612 Scaglietti. It was the last Ferrari model to use pop-up headlamps.

The engine produced 436 hp with 4 valves per cylinder.   The car was capable of taking 4 passengers up to 188 mph making it the fastest production 4 seater in the world.  It could accelerate from 0-100 kmh in only 5.2 seconds and had a 13.4 seconds quarter mile time.

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