1994 Land Rover Defender 90

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1994 Land Rover Defender 90
Odometer: 78,000
VIN: SALDV228XRA935690
California Smogged

Price $45,000 USD

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This is a 1994 Defender 90. One of the coolest cars I have ever had the pleasure of owning. Defenders were brought into North America for 1994, 1995,and 1997 only. There have been very low mileage Defenders selling for over $80,000 USD.  The seller is advertising in multiple states.

This particular car is white and is number 451. Each car has a numbered plaque on the rear of the car. I had a 1995 beluga black car and miss selling it for way too cheap to a guy in Hamptons New York. It was number 2001 so if anyone knows where it is, I am willing to buy it back.

This Defender has been slightly modified.   It has modern headlights that maybe be found on European Defenders.  This can easily be swapped back to stock if desired.   The interior seems to have been sprayed with Line-X durable coating or something like it.   I think it will be tough to remove if going back to stock configuration.   Can you tell , I prefer originality in cars.   It does not have the subwoofer that is fitted on the inside of the tailgate.    It seems to have a new soft top but no mention of the fiberglass top.    Overall still a very capable and  attractive car at a price I have not seen in a long time.  The seller knows that these cars are becoming more collectible.   He is probably discounting for the tasteful modifications done to it.


I was always shocked at how little range you had on the stock gas tank.  I was averaging 250 miles which was annoying especially if used as a daily car.   There was an aftermarket upgrade to install a 2nd tank that could be switched over for much more range.

The Defenders that came to the USA were very different from the rest of the world (ROW) cars.

They had to pass strict depart of transportation regulations including crash safety and lighting to comply.   This is why they were only brought to USA for 3 years.  After 1998, Defenders did not meet air bag and side door impact requirements in the USA and was deemed by Land Rover to be too expensive to modify so they stopped USA deliveries.   Defenders continue to be produced for the world market and improvements to lighting and interior have made it a more comfortable car.


I can appreciate the upgraded lighting.  It can always be brought back to stock look very easily.

Many of these cars come with a Winch mounted to the front.   Many winches have never been used but some die hard fans have used these cars as they were intended.    In Los Angeles, these cars are occasinally spotted and owned more for show.   They dont see the off road duty they truly deserve.


The 1994 Defenders have square tail lights while the 1995 and 1997 Defenders have round taillights which I prefer.   This one also has a cover for the spare tire.

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