1993 Lotus Esprit Turbo For Sale in Houston

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1993 Lotus Esprit Turbo
Location: South Houston
Odometer: 43,000 miles
Price: $19,000 US Dollars

The 1993 Lotus Esprit is a bit unique.   It has some updates from the 1989 – 1992 Turbo Esprit SE.    The 1992 -1993 cars have larger cabin space and wider opening doors.   It no longer has the glass back window and has a larger rear wing.  ABS brakes were standard.  Essentially its the last version of the Turbo SE cars.

I  think the interior upgrades are much nicer than the previous years.   I actually prefer the sloping rear glass window.   The rear wing is more aggressive looking.  Personally, I think the 1989-1992 Turbo SE wheels really make the car.  I dont really like the 1992-1993 wheels that much.  They look too simple and cheap looking.

Overall, this is a rare car worth fixing.  It has a long list of Must do items but it maybe worth it.

Things that need to be addressed:

Engine Service with timing belt and tensioner bolt should be done.

ABS needs attention

Driver side window is going off track

Paint Spidering in some areas

Driver’s side door sags

Electrical warning light for coolant

Seller (256) 503 -9034
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1993 Lotus Esprit Turbo For Sale in Houston

1993 Lotus Esprit Turbo For Sale in Houston

Above  1993 -1993 Lotus Esprit wheels


1993 Lotus Esprit Turbo For Sale in Houston

Above 1989 -1992 Lotus Esprit Turbo SE wheels


From Seller:

Tires have 90% tread. There are spots where the paint is slightly spidered. This car has never seen snow and is always parked indoors. I drive this car every other weekend to keep the fluids going. Always 93 Shell or Chevron gas. Oil changes have been done more often than needed because I’m anal that way. I aim for full disclosure at all times when selling, but it’s possible I might have left something out so I welcome the calls/texts. It’s considered a mid-engine car, meaning the engine is behind the cockpit in case you’re not familiar with Lotus. Here’s the list:

* It’s a Lotus! Don’t get this car if you don’t like being stared at
* Tires are near brand new
* Interior is in good shape
* Oil changes done every 2k with synthetic only
* All parts are OEM except the stereo
* A/C was recently worked on/pressure-tested and works great
* Problematic red clutch cable replaced
* Front rotors & pads replaced

Not so Great
* Schedule C service needs doing. Specifically the timing belt and tensioner bolt, even though visual inspection shows they’re good. You just need to know that every 40k, this service needs to be done and I don’t have small hands. I already have the blue Gates timing belt and tensioner bolt that goes with the car.
* SIR/ABS needs attention. Car still stops fine.
* Driver-side window is trying to go off track. Needs clips for guides. I have them.
* Paint spidering in some areas – have to look close to see
* Driver’s side door sags a bit. Bushings have been purchased but not installed yet
* Electrical warning light for coolant even though I check fluids religiously. I’ve replaced fuses and relays and warning light persists. Coolant levels are verified every time I drive this car.

The car was professionally transported from Alabama to Texas. The inspection was done a little under a month ago and no problems with emissions. Car currently has a lien with USAA but they’re easy to work with and the process should be smooth. Look up what a Lotus (this particular year model, 1993.5) like this is worth and you’ll soon discover how rare it is and how fair my price is. Why am I selling it? I don’t want to, REALLY don’t, but a recent change in finances forces me to. There will be no test drives until the car is in your name. I’ll do whatever emergency stops, lock-to-lock wheel checks and everything else you need to check, but I can’t allow anyone to drive the car themselves until the money is there. I’m sorry, my insurance just doesn’t cover other drivers unless you have gap insurance. If you can provide proof of gap insurance for the purpose of test driving the vehicle, I would allow test drives.

If the ad is up, the car is still for sale. I’ll remove this ad as soon as it sells so please, no “Do you still have the car?” questions. I work long hours, but will make concessions if you’re serious about the car.

The method of contact is phone/text. Please, no calls or texts before 7am or after 11pm. No emails due to scammers. Scammers are reported immediately. Ex. If your son is in Europe/Uruguay/Namibia and you have PayPal, UPS, money order or some other lame excuse, I’ll report your number. I’m a motivated seller. I’m John and thanks for looking.



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