1993 Ferrari Mondial T Valeo For Sale in New York

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1993 Ferrari Mondial T Valeo For Sale
Location: New York (seller) / Colorado (car)

The seller is in New York but the car is currently at a reputable shop in Colorado.  There are believed to be only 18 Valeos brought to the USA.   Seller has owned the car since 2012 and has maintenance  records dating back to 2008.    The Valeo system is pretty interesting and I knew of a silver Valeo in my neighborhood that was used for the Mondial Factory Brochure.  I have not seen one since but its hard to tell since there is no additional badging.   You would have to look in the wheel well to see if there is a clutch pedal.    The Valeo transmission system is pretty cool.   Basically it will drive like a manual transmission car but without the clutch pedal.   When the driver touches the shift knob, microprocessors engage the clutch in milliseconds.  This was a pretty complicated system back in 1993 and I think the repair bills were very high.  The Valeo cars are the  forerunner to the F1 paddle shift systems, but much more reliable. The system was used by Lancia to win back to back championships in the late 1980’s. A one-off F40 Valeo Gianni Agnelli was produced for Gianni Agnelli.


Notable services:

*New clutch at 19k miles
*Engine out major service last spring
*Adjustable suspension rebuilt with metal gears
*Rebuilt Valeo ECU

Odometer: 24,000 Miles
Price: $75,000 US Dollars
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1993 Ferrari Mondial T Valeo For Sale in New York

1993 Ferrari Mondial T Valeo For Sale in New York

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