1993 Bentley Continental R Coupe For Sale in Los Angeles

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1993 Bentley Continental R Coupe For Sale
Location: Los Angeles
Color: British Racing Green
Engine: 6.75 Liter Garrett-turbocharged engine
Transmission: GM 4L80-E automatic

Anyone looking for a Bentley Continental R in iconic British racing green?   Here is a clean example and the first Bentley to feature a body not shared with a Rolls Royce model since the S3 Continental of 1965.   When this car was launched in 1993 this was considered the fastest, and most powerful Bentley every made and held the title as the most expensive production car in the world.   You would have to buy this car new in 1993 for $222,000 dollars

  • Launched in 1991
  • 1996 model year: liquid cooled chargecooler and improved engine management/ Revised 17″ alloy wheels
  • 1998 model year: added electronic traction assistance and some cosmetic changes/  Seats now same as Bentley Azure.  Other revisions included small mesh vents below the headlights, laser-cut mesh radiator grill as standard, revised alloy wheels and minor changes to front and rear bumpers

Production Numbers:

Continental R= 1236 examples

Continental T= 350 examples

Anyone ever want to own a Continental R?  Your Thoughts!


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Price $37,500 US Dollars
Odometer: 26,447 Miles
Fact: The Bentley Continental T was a short wheel base version of the Continental R with more power, torque, and tigher handling at the expense of less rear passenger room.
Wheelbase 120.5 in (3,061 mm)
116.5 in (2,959 mm) T
Length 210.3 in (5,342 mm)
Width 80.5 in (2,045 mm)
Height 57.6 in (1,463 mm)
Kerb weight 5,340 lb (2,420 kg)

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