1992 Porsche 968 6-speed Red for $12,500

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Spotted for sale in San Francisco is a 1992 Porsche 968 6-speed Red for $12,500

1992 Porsche 968 Guards Red Manual

Garage queen. Prefer to send it off to someone who will also garage keep it and take excellent care of it. 

Everything works great, except the following: 
Tranny has vibration around 3000rpm
Trip meter reset does not work
Hood shocks no longer hold the hood up
AC needs recharging, never did it since purchasing the car years ago. It’s a garage queen driven occasionally (2,339 miles in the past 5-years) for fun. So never missed the AC. 
ABS works on and off. Never drove it in the rain, so didn’t need that either. 
Rear wiper also might not work. 
(I guess that’s a lot LOL, but I never really noticed them, except the tranny)

The car is pretty much the same as I bought it from a classic car dealer in Atlanta, GA and shipped covered to Sunnyvale. See the dealer’s description in one of the pictures. 

Looks stunning, unique headlights
Sports seats with alcantara mid&back section really grabs 
Hard to believe, but really reliable. 
(I missed a Ferrari 348 from the same dealer, and that would have cost me much more to maintain + headache)
Had no mechanical troubles, always starts, and no issues with leaks, unlike my 90’s BMW’s LOL (they all leak)
Handles like a dream. 

Not the most comfortable car
Sport exhaust is loud and doesn’t sound as good as BMW’s. Then again, I never thought any porsche sounded that great, so perhaps it’s a matter of taste.
(Not doing such a great job selling it LOL, maybe because my wife is more eager to see it go than me. I really don’t need or want to sell. I can use the room for my e30 vert with a new top)

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