1991 Porsche 964 Carrera 2 3.8 Liter RSR for $120,000

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Spotted for sale in California is a 1991 Porsche 964 Carrera 2 3.8 Liter RSR for $120,000

1991 Porsche 911/964 Carrera 2 3.8 Liter RSR spec with 993RS 6 cross ratio Speed transmission
I am selling a special 964. 85% restoration is finished. The car comes with a fully balanced 0 mileage new engine. Spec is 3.8liter 11.8:1 compression with 993 RSR genuine new racing camshaft, Carrillo connecting rod, with RSR spec modified cylinder heads which value. 993 6 speed cross ratio transmission from 1996 993 RS Euro Clubs ports. Dual RSR style oil cooler, full refurbished chassis and interior and Order made new coil over suspension, control arms. Etc.…
I am selling $120.000 OBD. without (Negotiable) RSR intake manifold and Porsche genuine RS Recaro seats.
Picture show parts. they are so expensive. I need to use it for another 911 project. Next owner must understand how expensive those parts are. If the next owner wants to build an extremely special 964 I will consult with you to finish the car. The car was built for myself but I have to sell now.
Detail information
3.8 Liter RSR Spec complete full rebuild 0 mileage engine block. The car is able to make target crank house power 320-400 depending on camshaft spec and what type throttle body uses (the individual throttle body or single intake) The rebuilt new engine installed Porsche Motorsports original brand new 993 RSR camshaft now. * final spec 993 RSR camshaft + individual throttle body will make 400hp*
3.8 liter 11.8:1 compression. (New 102mmm forged pistons + New Mahle cylinder. using genuine 3.8 RSR piston rings)
New Carrillo lightweight forged H-beam connecting rods
All new main & rods & intermedium bearings (all standard size), all new O-rings, all new gaskets and most bots and nuts and washers are.
New cylinder high strength head studs.
Full balanced crankshaft with RS/RSR single mass flywheel and front pulley
Machined crankcase main journal rib for less piston movement presser drag.
Completely refurbished and machined and upgraded 993RSR spec cylinder heads. Polished and intake and exhaust posts. made match with gasket diameter. New valve guides and valves.
RSR cylinder head gaskets
Individual ignition coil or Stock genuine ignition distributor your choice.
New Porsche genuine RS Sports hard bushing engine mounts.
Aluminum transmission mount spacer.
Engine fuel management system
1992 DTA P8PRO fuel management. Next owner must tune the ECU. I recommend using new technology, the new generation ECU.
Intake Manifold system
Right now I installed an RSR individual intake manifold but I am going to remove it and get a 993/964 intake manifold system. I recommend the next owner get a new individual intake manifold system for great performance improvement!

  • RSR ITB cost will be over $39000- or more I need to use for next 965 project. I can not get RSR ITB anymore. If you want to, please discuss $.
    Exhaust system
    Stock super clean 964 header and straight sub muffler pipe and genuine main muffler with 200 cell sport high flow catalyst.
    Clutch system,
    The genuine RS/RSR light single mass lightweight flywheel and GT2 genuine clutch cover. Come with a GT2 single not spring clutch disc. for street better to replace genuine 997TT disc.
    Gear Box
    1996 993 Euro RS cross ratio 6 speed transmission with Porsche genuine LSD.
    Gearbox & shifter,
    993 RS/RSR genuine Porsche 6 speed short shifter with RS/RSR street Porsche logo shifter
    New order special made JIC Magic special valving mono coilover suspension. 15 way dampening adjustable shocks. Front is 7kg/mm rear is 11kg/mm set up. The kit comes with front camber adjustable upper mount and rear spherical pillow ball bearings upper mounts.
    Chassis Control arms,
    Front control arms are refurbished and replaced with spherical bearings. They are maintenance-able designs. spherical bearing bump steer toe rods set.
    Rear arms are also refurbished and replaced with spherical bearings. They are maintenance-able designs.
    Solid metal steering rack bushing installed
    JIC Magic full CNC Machined JGTC SPEC high strength strut tower bar.
    993 spacer tires.
    993 twin turbo front brake calipers and rotors with performance pads.
    Rear stock calipers and rotors are stock with performance pads.
    Stainless steel brake line installed. Motul brake fluid.
    CNC machined Zielsports Aluminum racing style brake pedal pads.
    The Gas pedal equipped aluminum pads and spacer for easy brake and gas control.
    Fuel system,
    The fuel lines are cleaned and refurbished. New fuel pump with 964 stock gasoline tank
    Dual oil cooling system,
    Additional RSR oil cooler system (inside left fender mount). The AC condenser and cooling fan are still there. Coolinged up the whole oil line system.
    Full refurbished maintenance AC system. Replaced whole AC O-rings. come with new 993 1997 model AC compresses. Need service. .
    All meters are serviced and cleaned up. Tachometer and speedometer have been upgraded and refurbished by Hollywood VDO company. Speed meter trip is 0 mileage.
    Replaced new carpets, new headliners.
    Equipped new Porsche cup car style Momo back skin steering wheel.
    Removed the airbag system. Lightweight 964 CUP car style now (1989/90 no airbag cup car style)
    RS style light weight doors panels.
    Deleted rear seats.
    New blue teeth BOSS audio and new speakers.
    Seats Right now the car has RS/RSR European Porsche Reacro seats will remove and install 996/997 standard seats. RS.RSR recaro seats need use for my car project.
    Black original seat belts.
    Window glass and 993 set up door frames and seals,
    New front window glass installed and European no brake stop light rear glass.
    993 lightweight RS/RSR L&R doors and quarter glasses.
    993 door window trim/ frames and weather strip seals.
    Exterior and molding and seals,
    lightweight duck tail engine hood.
    Stock genuine steel bonnet/hood.
    Front bumper cooling air duct (for oil coolers)
    Porsche genuine Euro RS/RSR rear middle of bumper
    Carbon fiber front chin spoiler.
    Late model round door mirrors L&R. Equipped 1992 up door mirrors
    Headlight, stock USA lights * Right now the car has an euro headlight. I will remove it for my next project.*
    Body was painted over 10 years ago. Condition is 8/10. The car needs little detail finish and paint. Next owner needs to take care of it. Also I can help to make the paint condition perfect. Please discuss and talk
    RAYS Volk Racing TE27 Silver color forged one-piece wheels with new (old ) Yokohama ADVAN 048 tires. 18-inch front 8” rear 10.5” wide

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