1991 Mercedes 560 SEC AMG Mods and large cache of rare parts


1991 Mercedes 560 SEC AMG Mods and Large Cache of Rare Parts

Location: Lancaster, California

Odometer:  232,623 Miles

Title: Salvage


This looks very similar to the Mercedes 560SEC AMG car that was built on the Wheeler Dealers TV Show minus the Fender Flares.   This car comes with a garage full of rare SEC parts for this car.   If you are looking for a project car this maybe worth looking into.  I love the black AMG 3 piece wheels on this car.  They are a very rare and expensive option.   A good set pop up on occasion and sell for  $2500+ and up these days.   Over 20 years ago,  I had a set of these wheels on my Merceddes 300CE  and they really made the car look great.  The biggest issue with these wheels were cracks forming around the bolt holes.  Living around downtown LA at the time with huge potholes eveywhere did not help either.  I eventually sold the car for only $4,000.  I still regret selling that car.   This 560SEC has alot of cool AMG parts and deserves a look.   Keep in mind , this car has  a salvage title which could deter potential buyers.


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Seller Description:
Here’s is that you will be getting in this package deal:
My coupe which is a 1991 560 SEC with AMG parts and a 300 HP highly modified Custom rebuilt motor.
The car was originally equipped with ASR, however I have completely removed it and replaced it with the regular ABS from an ’88 560 Coupe.
All of the parts and accessories in my possession, which is considerable. One entire wall of my garage and half of another is completely covered in parts bins. You will need a U-Haul to take them all.
I have two complete sets of coupe Orthopedic seats with pumps, controls, tank, everything.
I have one of those parts bins with dozens of drawers all full of 126 parts. I have about a dozen smaller parts bins with relays, lights, computers, radios, along with about a half a dozen plastic parts boxes full of screws, nuts, bolts, lights, everything. Every time I went to the JY, I would fill my bag with nuts and bolts and odds and ends, and I have classified everything into bins and boxes. I have an AMG trunk badge and a 560 SEC and SEL trunk badges, all brand new and still sealed. I have more than a dozen totes all filled with various spare parts. Starters, pumps, brackets, wood, chrome trims, A lot of parts!
Here is what the car itself has on it (This is by no means complete and I will be adding things as I remember them!).
From the ground up:
OZ 3pc 17″ by 8.5″ wheels, painted 199 body color and in very good shape. One of the barrels needs to be replaced. I will prior to sale.
Vented and slotted brake rotors. Brake pads have aprox 50% life left.
AMG full suspension. AMG front shocks and rear struts with AMG springs.
AMG exhaust box fed by Tri Wye’s to a mandrel bent pipe system with center crossover X-pipe. Exhaust box was opened and checked for rust, corrosion, etc.
AMG full body kit minus the front chin lip. Side rails, rear lip, trunk deck spoiler.
AMG steering wheel.
AMG repro 190 MPH speedo with compensator.
Euro Spec front and rear bumpers.
Euro Spec Bosch headlamps.
Euro spec headlamp wipers/washers.
Dual power mirrors with 129 style dual power mirror switch.
Rear sun shade.
Pushbutton First Gear Start.
AM/FM/CD/DVD/NAV system with front and rear mounted camera’s. (Front camera is not currently mounted, but the car is wired for it still.)
Glass Sunroof Mod with new cable and rebuilt motor. I removed the guide tube and used a solvent to clean out the old grease and used new Glietpaste.
All A/C parts have been replaced.
All cooling system parts have been replaced. This car runs VERY cool! I live in the Movaje desert and during the peak summer months, I can sit idle in traffic with the air cranked and the water temp will not ever get above 90C! During non peak months, the avg water temp will be under 80C, usually around 70C!
MBZ Spare fuel can that fits in the spare wheel recess.
Belly skid plate.
Rear anti-sway bar and links.
Smoked tail lights with extra lamp in the dead socket.
Both airbags have been removed. The AMG steering wheel does not have one, and I replaced the passenger side one with a glove box model dashboard. So I removed the entire system and harness.
Physical, paper manuals and the complete owners manual set in a rare Mercedes leather portfolio that goes in the glovebox.
The engine:
This is a custom built/re-built M117 motor that was completely torn down to the crank and professionally rebuild by a Mercedes mechanic who also understudied under Carroll Shelby.
Torn down to the crank and new main bearings replaced. Cylinders bored/honed.
10:1 Mercedes 822 pistons installed and compression checked.
Heads ported, new gaskets installed. New guide sleeves, valves ground.
New 822 cams installed.
Tri’s ported and polished.
All new gaskets and freeze plugs installed.
All new rubber parts not only in the engine, but in the engine bay as well.
Custom valve covers.
Polished air cleaner and also many other parts on the motor.
New fuel lines (factory MBZ including hard lines).
MANY more modes! I will list more as I think of them.
I have two sets of Ortho seats ready to go into the car. The pump and bottle and lines are already installed.
I am not going to list a price here as this will be a private sale and I do not want to spark a huge debate over what price I am asking.
This car is not for everybody because this will be a huge project for someone that has the means and resolve to see this to completion. This is for the person that wants the ultimate coupe with all of the possible AMG parts all in one place, along with one of the top built M117 motors in existence.
I will also be available to help you with any questions on how and what to change along the way, if you need me/it.

What do you think?

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  • Michael Clare
    October 28, 2019

    This was my car and that me in the picture!

    • Dirty Old Cars
      October 29, 2019

      Hi Michael!

      Great to hear from the previous owner!
      Where did the car go?

      • Dirty Old Cars
        October 29, 2019

        Would like to know more about the car and its modifications.

    • Chris
      December 3, 2019

      Hi Chris, this car sold a while ago

  • Chris Bassil
    December 3, 2019

    Please contact me… will buy.