1991 Mercedes 300ce Koenig Special for Ken Griffey Jr.

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1991 Mercedes 300ce Koenig Special for Ken Griffey Jr.

Location: New Britain, Connecticut
VIN: WDBEA51D9MB299059


Odometer: 30,000 miles

Price: $50,000 US Dollars

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This is Ken Griffey Jr’s 1991 Mercedes 300CE Koenig Special. It was sold at Copart as a salvage vehicle on Nov 25th, 2015. It was originally painted black with black interior.   It suffered side damage and was totaled by the insurance company.
The seller bought it  and returned it to its former glory but now in purple.    Now asking $50,000.    This car has been for sale for a long time now.  It needs a specific type of buyer that is a Koenig enthusiast.   The color in my opinion isnt going to help the sale either.


mercedes-300ce-koenig-special-edition-ken-griffey-jr-4 mercedes-300ce-koenig-special-edition-ken-griffey-jr-3 mercedes-300ce-koenig-special-edition-ken-griffey-jr-5


Before Pictures from Copart:

mercedes-300ce-koenig-special-edition-ken-griffey-jr-6 mercedes-300ce-koenig-special-edition-ken-griffey-jr-7 mercedes-300ce-koenig-special-edition-ken-griffey-jr-8 mercedes-300ce-koenig-special-edition-ken-griffey-jr-9 mercedes-300ce-koenig-special-edition-ken-griffey-jr-11 mercedes-300ce-koenig-special-edition-ken-griffey-jr-12 mercedes-300ce-koenig-special-edition-ken-griffey-jr-10

Seller Description:

Forr sale a freshly restored Koenig. Koenig is a German tuning Company that created some outrageous Mercedes, Ferrari, Lamborgini, Porsche, Bmw and so on. I had a German friend speak to Mr. Konig the to varify that in fact this is one of his Creations. This is a rare show car only about 20 of these drove around in the states and thats back in the 90,s so now they’re even rarer. This car was originally a white konig but Ken Griffey had it painted dark green with a yellow stripe to represent the Baseball team he played for. When I purchased the car the yellow stripe was painted over and whole car was green. I personally did not liek the green and since the under hood and all the door seals were painted poorly I decided to re do them and so I figured I might as well paint everything a Different color. I was looking for something not too flashy, unique, original and classy. I got all my wishes with a two stage Bornit Metallic Paint. The bottom portion of the car is a different shade and I think It makes the car more classy. The Mercedes 481 Paint code is one that many w124 E class Enthusiasts love. I am also one of those Enthusiasts so I went ahead and chose that color. The car was restored for 5 months for a hefty price of $25,000. I leave no price on this listing as the car is not yet finished all the way. I acquired the car on an auction where the right front fender was missing so it got salvaged as there are no availablebody parts for this Car. I have all the pictures during restoration, Call 860 331 77 61 Talk to me Zibi

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